How many bags RM makes for each style/color?


Sep 21, 2006
Just curious if any one know an approximate number of bag RM makes for each style/color? I have been all over looking for the MAB in Iris and purple lizard.. but can not find any.. I called RM and was told they are all shipped to the retailers..But so far, I have only seem LB carried it (but sold out)...


May 16, 2008
Great question -- I would love to know, too, but I imagine that the # varies wildly. I heard that this year the buying (I think that's what it's called) went really well for RM (that's the process through which retailers put in their orders for upcoming season's bags) and so that might have something to do with the shortage of certain bags now.
Have you tried calling the stores that don't post all or any of their RMs online, like Saks, Bloomie's Nordie's or Neiman's? They can generally find bags for you, though you won't get that much of a price break most of the time, unless you get lucky w/ a Bloomie's sale (though I doubt the lizard/iris bags will be around at that point).

And there's always the 'bay...


Dec 19, 2007
Alpharetta, GA
RM's production team requires a minimum of 8 bags for each color/style. Each bag is done in batches of 8 as far as I know, unless it is a sample creation.

I believe based on preorders/demand, RM then produces a certain # of batches. I believe that their was only 1 batch of the Iris/Lizard created that went to LB, and sicne they have sold out so quickly, another may be in production.

Again- i don't know this for a fact, but thats what i was told a while ago when I inquired about mixing special orders.