How long would you wait for a package

  1. before filing a paypal claim?

    I ordered a LV bag from a mypoupette seller. She says it was mailed from Germany on Feb 24th. I have yet to receive it. I paid $89 for shipping so I am a bit annoyed. Has anyone in the US purchased a bag from a seller in Germany? If so, how long did it take to reach you?

  2. I'm from Germany and shipping to and from the US with the price you payed shouldn't take longer than 2 weeks. Did you ask her if she send it via airmail? Did she give you a tracking number?
  3. She emailed me a scan of a DHL lable but said it was untrackable because once the package hits the US, it transfers to another delivery service.
  4. WOW. That seems a bit long. I rec'd something from Paris via snail mail in a week, it was even held at customs for a bit. Maybe it's in customs?
  5. wow, that's kinda long and expensive

    I sold a handbag to someone in the US a while ago and DHL Express shipping was "only" about 60US$ and it got there in less than a week ... that even was trackable for every step of the way :yes:

    Maybe it really got stuck in customs? :shrugs: Here in Germany customs always takes forever to contact you
  6. Hi, Im having this problem too. Ive waited over 2 weeks for an Item that still hasnt arrived. The seller gave me the tracking number and it says that the item has been posted but It still isnt here. I think European or american postal services must be slow because my item is coming from the US. Im still holding on. :smile:
  7. I'd go ahead and file a item not received claim with eBay and paypal or you won't be able to if you wait to long. You can always drop it if the item arrives. Better safe than sorry and good luck folks! I hate the wait on new stuff!!
  8. I shipped a package from Canada to Greece via DHL at Christmas time. It was much heavier than an LV bag so the shipping cost a lot more but my sister-in-law recieved it in 3 days. DHL is usually very reliable for shipping overseas. My husband worked for a large oil company in the middle east and they always used DHL for inter office shipping. I would try and look into it with DHL. It doesn't sould right to me.
  9. Advise the seller that you are filing a claim and then do it. Check if she is able to get an update for you.
  10. it shouldn't take longer thatn 7 days! Did you try contacting the seller or did they give you tracking??? good luck! I hope you get it soon!
  11. any news about your package? :shame:
  12. Hi,

    Is there any news on this?

    I had a package sent from Germany on January 21st - It made it to customs on the 24th. It is now February 5th and I still have not received it. DHL won't help me because DHL in the U.S. owns German Post, but they don't have any communication between them. German Post can't help because it is in U.S. customs.. U.S. Customs cannot be contacted regarding parcels, the shipping company needs to contact them. So I am waiting and waiting for this package and I leave on the 9th, I will be gone until Mid-March.. So if it does come after I leave, it will be shipped back. I'm going crazy.
  13. The package took about 8 weeks. It was crazy! I did file a claim with paypal, but of course lifted it once I received the bag.
  14. You mean January 24th, right?
  15. THIS IS A VERY OLD THREAD, disregard my previous post minutes ago!