How long should one wait to receive item?

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  1. I'm confused about when you should receive item after paying.

    Most items I have bought I've received pretty fast after paying considering it was shipped internationally - and have had no problems.

    But now, for instance, I have this MJ-shirt I payed for the 7th of May. It hasn't arrived yet. The seller wrote that she would send me an email with shipping info once the item was shipped. Since I didn't hear from her after a while, I emailed her asking if she had any idea when she would ship the item. Finally on the 18th she answered and provided me with a shipping number (haven't checked it online since I don't know what the shipping company and url is, have asked her in an email, but she's slow to answer as usual). And of course the item has not yet arrived.

    So, I'm wondering, is that normal to wait so long?

    I'm aware of that seller could have been busy, things happens in life and that's why I've been so patient. But well, she's could have explained or apologized for the delay or something.

    After my bad experience with the fake bag, and after reading all the threads, I'm becoming a bit paranoid maybe :lol:

    I also read the thread where it was discussed whether the item was so delayed because seller was waiting for replica from Asia. So I'm wondering; is it a bad sign that they need so much time to ship with no good explanation?
  2. Most ship within a few days but I have seen a few who took a week to ship.

    Does the tracking number have only letters, only numbers, or a combinaiton? I track a lot of packages so I might be able to narrow it down assuming it's a main carrier like USPS, UPS, FedEx, Etc.

    Also,does the listing say anything about shipping times or carriers?

    I would be concerned if you don't receive it soon since you only have 45 days to file a Paypal claim. Did you pay through Paypal?
  3. I think keeping you waiting 11 days before even shipping is a little excessive but then I'm a seller who aims to ship within 24 hours of payment.
  4. Thank you for answering. :smile:

    The tracking number starts with EB and then 9 numbers and in the end US.

    She also wrote a "customs form" that starts with CP and then numbers - and ends on US. For the US, that much I know. But I have to be honest, I don't know what the "customs form" is for. Never seen it before.

    The listing says nothing about shipping times or carriers.

    And yes, I payed through PayPal.
  5. Yes, I thought it was strange. And her not being very communicative is also not nice. I know I can't expecet to receive all the items as fast as the other items I received, but still, this is taking a while!

    But it's nice to hear another opinion about it. Thanks! :smile: (and what a nice seller you are :yes: )

  6. i had an item shipped to me from USA with USPS Global Express and the number was similar ..i also got a customs number from the seller...hope that helps!:tup:
  7. It was indeed USPS Global express! And I found out that the item has arrived to my country today, so will probably have it by tommorow. Great! :smile:

    Thanks for you help! :tup:
  8. That`s great Serena ! happy for you ! :yahoo:omg i just realized ur in Denmark !!! i am moving there in 3 months !!:tup:
  9. Thanks. Me too, I'm happy to see that something is happening! :yes:

    You are moving to Denmark, really? Where from?
  10. I waited 5-6 weeks for an LV Dome from Germany to US. Went through Customs, was opened, etc.