How long does paypal take?

  1. Hi,

    How long does paypal take to resolve a claim with regards to authenticity? It has been more than 35 days and they have not asked me to bring the fake bag for verification. Please advise on previous experiences!
  2. ok, this is strange because a claim only runs 10 days. you open a dispute, and then escalate to a claim. after 10 days the claim automatically comes to an end.

    the dispute comes to an end after 20 days... did you escalate? if yes, you should call paypal and ask what is going on.
  3. just realised I made a mistake. I assumed from my situations in which both sellers never responded - but I guess in your case your seller disputed that it was fake? well, then you may get in touch with paypal and ask about it in any case.

    good luck.