How long does it take to ship something from the UK to the US?

  1. I was just wondering. I won a bag on ebay from someone in the UK. I was just wondering... how long does it take to ship something from the UK to the US?

    Anyone care to share their experiences w/ this?

    TIA :flowers:
  2. I tend to get quite a few packages from the UK (used to live there). It usually takes about a week.
  3. it also depends on what method of shipping they use
  4. If they DHL it, it could be there in 3 days, but I guess it depends on customs and whether it clears immediately.
    Also remember, that this week, I imagine every package going to the state is under intense scrutiny because of the terrorists threats, so it could hold it up a few extra days :sad:
    One week should be more than enough time.
    Did she give you tracking details so that you find out where it is?
  5. i was told a few extra WEEKS.. :s

    but im from canada.. US would be worse tho, wouldnt it?
  6. Hi Chloe-Babe, she hasn't shipped it out yet.. I was just wondering what time frame would be too long. She said it would be mailed using royal mail international signed for. Is that like the UK postal service?
  7. gosh yep. I would not recommend that service. The Post office is fantastic for inland, but I NEVER use them for international. It takes an age. Ask them to ship via UPS, DHL or another courier service like Fed Ex. It might cost 20 pounds more, but for piece of mind, its worth 10 times that.
  8. i sent a package royal mail international signed for on the 29th of july and it only arrived last week and that was to canada. for some reason stuff arrives in australia quicker than north america :wtf:

    actually it's fine within europe, 2-3 days, but north america seems to be particularly bad.