How long does it take to paint a room?

  1. My parents are kind of wishy washy on how long it might take me, and I really need to know because if it is going to take too long I'm going to have to wait until another time to do it.

    I got tuesday and wednesday off, and will get home from work on Monday by around 5:00 and was thinking until around 2 would be a good time to stop that night.

    My bedroom is about 15 x 15 and I'd be using latex paint and of course the walls will have to be primed.

    Anyone paint a room recently and could tell me if what I'm wanting to do is possible?

    I want to put the primer on the walls and also put a coat of paint on it all on Monday night, and then Tuesday morning put a second coat of paint on it and move back in that late afternoon to early evening. OR if putting the primer and 2 coats of paint is possible to do in one night I'd do that. Like I said, 5pm to 2am so it gives me 9 hours... but I know some of that time will be spent on other things from painting, like just taping more things up and random things like that.

    My walls are a medium to dark purple and I'm going to an off-white kind of green or beige. My furniture is BLACK. Any suggestions? I can also paint the accents of my furniture with the wall color as they are now to kind of join them.

    Just curious if anyone knows if this is possible, and how possible, haha. I mean, how many hours in between coats does it need? 3 or more?

    Thank you!
  2. doesn't sound possible to me.
    You have to make sure every coat is completely dry between them.
    If it's remotely humid, this can screw up everything.
    Can you primer it early and put one coat on late, then one more another day?
  3. You're likely to need more than one coat of primer since you're going from a dark color to a light color. I'd suggest getting a tinted primer to help things along a little bit. I don't think you'll be able to finish in 2 days. I painted my room (which wasn't as big as the one you mentioned) in our Maryland house in 2 days. Starting at 9am and finishing at around 5/6pm. This didn't include the trip, crown moulding, baseboards, etc.

    Where do you live? If it's humid, it'll take the paint longer to dry. Leave the windows open in the room at night, it will help a little bit.

    Also, get a good quality paint (Behr was my favorite!). Many cheap paints won't cover the walls and you'll be able to see through it...Which means you'll have to do extra coats if you want it to look nice.

    What type of walls do you have in your room? Drywall? Are there lots of knicks & dents in your wall? If so, go with a flat or eggshell paint. Glossy ones will just show the dents even more. Unless you want to attempt spackling, which can be a real pain in the butt, especially when you can't get it to blend with the wall and you see exactly where you did it.

    Good luck!
  4. I agree with what the previous posters said, I jst painted my room, it was blue and I painted it an off white color, it took more than one coat of primer and I had to wait a while for it to dry because its really hot and sticky this summer. I would say that will take like 4 days if you go really fast.
  5. You may be able to get the walls primed in two days, but if you have alot of holes or whatnot in your walls that you plan on fixing, maybe not, but still may be workable. I would think you could prime the walls and then they would be ready to paint when you can. Even if you can only paint one wall per night, you only have 4, plus the ceiling. You could get it all done in one week. You may need 2 coats of primer, unless you get a good quality primer and you may only need one coat. You should totally do 2 coats of paint tho. And if you have lots of molding (crown moldings), windows, chairrails etc. Remember it will take longer. Invest in painters tape. It is the best thing I have ever used when I paint my bedroom.
  6. good advice! Also remember to keep in mind how long all the prep work takes (if you weren't already doing so) like moving furniture, putting down drop cloths and securing them, taping, etc.

    Because I hate rework, I allow for 24 hours between each coat to make sure it's 100% dry. That might be overly conservative, depending on paint you are using, humidity, etc.

    Good luck!
  7. last time I painted a room I swore I'd never do it again. I need to rooms painted and I plan to hire someone. I hate painting. It's probably easier for a man with good upper body strength but I'm a petite female and it kills me. It can be done in a day or two but it's tough.
  8. If you are painting it all one color, you should be fine. But a word of advice, IMO stay AWAY from flat paints. Use a satin or something similar. Flat paint is impossible to clean and you cannot get scuff marks off. Also I can't stand the paint they sell at places like Home Depot. Go to a place like Sherwin Williams and get the paint and primer there. It might cost more but you use less and it covers more evenly.