How long does it take to get your collection approved?

  1. I know it varies and they say it could take up to 3 days to get your collection approved but I think I'm going on 4 days now.. I keep checking to see if my pictures are up but I don't see them. I'm also wondering if they are just really down on the list and I'm not seeing them..? I tried to use the search tool for that forum but it says I am not allowed. Anyone have any thoughts?

  2. it can take up to a few days:yes: The search feature has been back up and running all day, are you sure it's still not working for you?
    Your Showcase is approved and I'll move this to Feedback Dropbox which is our technical support forum.
  3. I submitted mine a couple of weeks ago, so it could take awhile.
  4. ^ I approved yours a while ago:
    20:58, 8th Jan 2008 - Swanky Mama Of Three - Approved Thread