How long does it take to get a refund from Coach For Returned Items?

  1. So on September 27th I returned Three Coach City Willis Handbags to the Jacksonville, FL Warehouse/Factory.

    The bags felt cheap. Two had deep scuffs/scratches on the front of the bags, and One had and a large crease in the side.

    The handbags were delivered back to Coach on October 1st.

    I have not heard anything from Coach nor have I received any kind of return/processed return.

    It is working on 10 days since the items have been at Coach.

    Does anyone know an approximate time of how long it takes for Coach to process a return?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I think they normally advise us to wait three weeks for the refund to appear in your statement, but you could call and ask.
  3. They are SO slow, I think the last thing I returned took about 2 weeks, you can try giving them a call to check the status.
  4. Mine took two and a half weeks to show up on my credit card statement after the tracking showed delivery.
  5. It takes an eternity!!! I returned something that was delivered on the 1st and the credit showed up yesterday!