How Long Do Your Tassles Last?

  1. The tassles of my Extra Courier have totally frayed -- they look a bit like a pom pom now in a odd way -- but in any case, I have not had the bag for a year -- barely 6 months. Is this just a symptom of the bags...I know all bags have their quirks, so if it is, I can live with it.

    Thanks Ladies and Gents....
  2. My Camel 06 part time's tassels split within the first 30 days...I've had Balenciaga bags longer than that and they haven't split yet...either look doesn't bother I always save the replacement tassels in case of "emergency".
  3. mine lasted about 4 months before they split.
  4. My tassels split too! and I've only had my bag for about 2 weeks. Oh well. it doesnt look bad. i just liked it when it was long.
  5. my tassles on my day split after a month, but it still looks nice.. i think i prefer the tassles split! :yes: but of course not all ratty :yucky: imo they still look good unless they're all raggedy and stringy, which happenned to my top zipper(it kept getting caught in the zip), so i changed it. MUST have extra tassles!
  6. None of my tassles have split yet (though one has started) i pull the zipper from the very top to help prevent this.. i did have one snap on me the first day i used my Rouge Vif City (got it in late Nov.) though, haha. I was not happppy X-p|
  7. My Courrier tassles haven't split, and I've had her for 6 months; she was previously loved for a few months before that.

    Did you know you can call BalNY and for $5.50 get a pair of tassles in the color you need?

    I have a total of 4 tassles doubled, so 8 long strands coming from the main zipper, and I tied them at the top with the little tassle from inside the purse. I put a bauble inside to make it easier to open.
  8. None of my tassels have split yet. I'm not careful about them at all. I always open and close my zippers by pulling on the tassels. Even if they did split, I don't think it would bother me.
  9. does anyone else think that they tassles are suppose to split, otherwise why would they make them that way :shrugs:
  10. Yes. :yes: However, originally the bags' tassels were single sided (so no splitting). I really don't prefer one over the other but I do let it happen naturally and (sadly) I get excited when they start to split.:yahoo: :shocked:
  11. I doesnt really bother me one way or the other, but I just found it odd that they were splitting with such little use. Part of me wonders what art projects one of you crafty TPFers could do with all the split or broken tassles......
  12. Think it depends on the bag. My Camel Day tassels started splitting almost immediately, but neither of my City's have yet, even with much more use.
  13. The tassles on my first have started to split (I bought it back in october) but the tassles on my city from 2005 haven't. It's really weird because I don't use my first very much whereas the city gets used constantly :shrugs:
  14. My tassles from my RVermi 07 stated to split w/in one month of purchase...but doesn't bother me tho..eekekeke...the more the merrier. Seriously..I tink its this batch of leather perhaps?