How long do you wait before you pay?

  1. I've been selling items on eBay for about a year and usually don't have any issues, butit seems like lately, I've been getting more people who don't pay in the first week and when I send them a friendly reminder, I don't hear anything ....when I win an auction, I'm usually so excited that I pay immediately....maybe I should be more patient:yes:
  2. Yeah I just sold an item on eBay, it's been a day and they haven't paid yet. I'm super impatient though.
  3. I think the latest I've paid was the next day but that was because I was away when the auction ended. I'm usually so excited when I win an auction that I pay right away.
  4. You should put a time frame in your auctions of when you require payment by. If not, you will leave npb and relist.
  5. I've never left negative feedback because I am afraid that I will get a retaliation one in return and I've hard to maintain my 100%. I do say to pay within 7 days of auction close...but I guess that it means something else to others...
  6. I usually the pay as soon as the auction ends. Unless I am not home when it does-then the latest I will pay would be the day after it ends.
  7. I'm impatient. I love it when buyers pay right away. On all my auctions I say payment is due within 5 days. This past week I had to remind someone that payment was due after 6 days. Finally, she paid on the 7th day with an echeck and now I have to wait another 4 days for it to clear. And it was only an $8 item! But I too worry about blemishing my 100% positive feedback.

    I've also noticed lately that my items don't sell as quickly as in previous years. It used to be that I would sell everything the first time. Now I sometimes have to list items 2 and 3 times before they sell. I think eBay is saturated!
  8. I always pay asap--if using paypal, I pay almost immediately after the auction ends. If other methods, I try to finish it off at the very latest, the day after (send out a money order, bank wire, etc.).
  9. I pay as soon as I am notified. I know that I would want the same if I had any auctions.
  10. i usually pay within the first week also. I try to make it within the first 3 days.
  11. They must pay immediately.. Otherwise, I inform eBay after 10 days.
  12. I always pay immediately, if I don't I could forget.
  13. i pay immediately after an auction!!!
  14. I always pay immediately too!!
  15. I always pay immediately. I don't think I've ever waited more than a few hours, and even then it was just because I wasn't home at the time the auction ended. I use the retail store analogy - I wouldn't bring something to the counter in a shop, tell the SA I intended to buy it, come back a week later to pay...and expect my purchase to still be there.

    It makes me insane when people don't pay for a week, so my auctions usually specify that it needs to be within 48 hours.
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