How long do you think it took me to find a pair of VP's? (my first CL reveal)

Jul 16, 2009
I decided that every woman must have a pair of classic Very Prive's in her wardrobe, even though I run in flats most of the time.
I started the search with our local stores, but soon realized that I have 0 chances. I looked for them on eBay, but was not sure about the size and most of the sellers didn't take returns. So the online stores were my best bet.
Now can you guess how long it took me to get a pair of VP's, while I am uploading the pics? :graucho:
Jul 16, 2009
I looked through online stores and found that Pam Jenkins had VP's in both 40.5 and 41, even though I was not sure about the size I decided to go for 40.5. Around 10 days later they arrived and OH MY they were gorgeous but unfortunately a bit small...:cry:


Jul 27, 2007
lightpinkdaisy, those are definite classics & it looks great on you! I love your red nail polish - it kind of makes it look as though you're wearing the black VPs with red tips.

AAAHHHH!!! Love the outfit picture! Totally beautiful & the flowers are pretty! (of course your H is the perfect accessory too)