How Long Did You Wait To Carry Your Speedy Due To The Fold Lines???

  1. I want to take her out tomorrow sooo badly but I don't want to look crazy walking around with a creased bag. Its kinda like walking around with unironed clothes. :sad: I know to some it may sound weird but I want her debut to be a perfect one. On average about how long does it take for the bag to smooth out??
  2. I bought mine like new and although the sender sent it shipped, I didn't notice any lines. Either way, I think I'd use it right away.. I think if you use it, it'll help uncrease the lines faster.
  3. ^-- ITA- the faster you use it the faster the creases will fall out- but with my new Azur back in March I let it sit around for about a week :wtf: before I used it... by then the creases were not as noticible........
  4. Mine came creased, as it was shipped folded from elux. I kept it stuffed with t-shirts (man, it took a ton!) for a few days but then just figured what the heck I'm going to start using it. Using it does the trick!
  5. Yea I stuffed a load of tees in there I keep checking on it see if there is a change. Ok well I guess I'm just gonna carry it. Thanks girls.
  6. I used mine right away, but it has been almost 5 months now, the creases are still slightly visible. I guess it's because I don't use it often enough, only once or twice a week and I only put a few thing in it.
  7. it took mine about a week to get un-creased. i stuffed it with my dad's old t-shirts.
  8. Mine's one year and nine days old today and I've been using it almost everyday... the creases are still there. LOL
  9. I started using my azur speedy a couple days after i got it; the creases didn't really concern me. There are still very slight creases there and I've had it since May.
  10. i used my bag right away too after bought it from the store. the crease was not too much anyway, just the line where the fold was.
  11. Go ahead and use it, well-filled, especially in warm weather - that will help it to lose the creases!
  12. I used it as soon as I got it. When I don't use it, I fold it back up and store it in it's dustabg. I really don't notice the difference once all my things are in it.
  13. you have to use it fast to get rid of the ceases..mine had too, but afer using for sometime, no more.

    Bet we won't want to iron it!!! and those who know about LV speedy will understand that yours is a new baggie!
  14. Some take and fill their speedy and hold a hair dryer (not too close to the bag and on medium speed) and the heat from the hair dry softens the lines then leave it filled until the warmth leaves the canvas. My sister told me this trick!
  15. i used mine the day after i got it and it only took about 2 days for thr creases to drop out.