How limited is the "ltd edition" Mini Motard?

  1. I went to my local LV today and inquired about the Mini Motard pochette. I was first told it's limited & there are (of course) waiting lists and if I was willing to give my credit card # & commit to buying one, I could have it as soon as one became available. Then after a private discussion with her manager, the SA showed me one from the back and said I could have one after tomorrow (the official launch date of the bag). I just found it a little odd, that I was told there were wait lists, that it's very limited, and then all of a sudden, I can have one tomorrow if I want it. Any thoughts?
  2. Id say get it woman wille you can!:nuts: run...
  3. LOL!! I'm so tempted to get it, but am just confused as to why it's so easy for me to get? :smile:
  4. i think its cause they can sell it to u first and then sell to the people on the waitlist when more arrives, the people on the waitlist doesn't know that it has arrived till they are called
  5. I hate when they do that.
  6. They do that if they think they are going to get an immediate sale.
    Sometimes when they call the peeps on the waitlist, alot of times, they have changed their minds. It's a sure-fire way of selling the bag.
  7. that explains what happened to me when the azur craze was all time high. i enquire about speedy and sa said there are waitlist but proceed to bring out both 25 and 30 still new with plastic on handle. i bought the 25 on the spot!
  8. Aside from that I also believe that the pochette may not be as popular...when I asked my SA if he had put me on the waitlist for the motard biker, he said that he already did and then made a comment about how they have the pochettes in the store right now...
  9. :yes: Exactly. They thought they'd get an immediate sale out of you. Get it if you like it!
  10. I would get it if you adore it:tup: I received no call today about it ...anyone in Sydney seen it?? My SA did call to inform me that she was leaving:crybaby:
  11. They do that a lot if they think that they have a serious buyer on their hands.
  12. It's much more limited than the mirage, that's for sure. GET IT! ^_^
  13. I am a little slow and think that i am the only one who hasn't seen a pic of this yet :shrugs::shrugs:

    Can someone be so kind as to post or at least point me in the right direction of viewing said pleasure?:sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
  14. i did not get a call today either....starting to get worried :sad:

    here's a pic gwmpt1:
  15. It is a beautiful bag.