How large is a large Carly?

  1. Phoned the outlets today to see if they had the Medium Denim Carly- no one has them; although they all seem to have the large.

    How big is it?? I do not want something that could be a diaper bag. How much bigger is it than the medium?

    Are people satisfied with their Carlys?

    Thanks a million!!!

  2. Satisfied? That's an understatement!:love:I adore my large chocolate Carly!

    They have the large cotton Carlys at my outlet too.

    Your best bet is to try on both sizes to see which one is right for you!:tup:

    The large is big, but I am a tall/plus sized gal so I can pull it off.

  3. im plus sized also and i found the medium to be way too small for me...the large is perfect and carries a ton, but it isn't as wide as a diaper bag
  4. Ok-- I can be different on this. I am a plus-sized gal too-- and the large was way too big.

    I think you are going to have to go and try them on and decide.
  5. I just bought a medium carly, I'm also a larger girl and I think it works perfect for me. I am however a bit short (5'4") so I think that's why the medium worked better than the large.
  6. I am 5'10" and I thought the large was WAY too big.. not only too big looking, but my wallet and stuff got swallowed.. but I don't carry many things.. the medium is a great size, and holds a lot, just try it on and see how it looks on YOU good luck!!
  7. I have the large Black Sig. Carly. I plan to get the new chocolate one.

    I love it :heart:... very nice and roomy.

    I was considering the chocolate in medium so I wouldn't have the exact bag again, but the straps aren't long enough to wear over a coat or heavy sweater in the fall/ winter months.
  8. Im no help on the size issue but Im so jealous of those that can find the Cotton Sig Carly in brown, Ive called several and everyone is sold out:tdown:
  9. large is perfect...i have two larges and would never go down to a medium. it's big enough to carry your daily essentials. if it isn't full, it'll slouch a bit more and looks so good. yes it's large enough to carry diaper bag stuff, school stuff, etc.,

    the main thing i'd suggest you do is try it on...because only then will you know for sure what works for you.
  10. I tried the medium and it was a little too small for me, not how it looked, it just didn't fit everything I needed comfortably. I guess you should try both on, filled with what you normally need to carry. The Carly is a pretty bag, I hope one of the sizes works for you.
  11. Well I'm a short plus-sized girl and mine fits me just fine...:yes: I have both the medium and the large and I like both for different reasons. My medium holds my daily stuff just fine, and I think the best thing about the large is the slouchiness (which doesn't make it seem so big).
  12. I bought the medium Carly (twice)...bought the chocolate one first and like a previous poster said, I was also concerned about the length of the shoulder strap w/ a heavy coat. So I got rid of it :sad: I REALLY liked the Carly though and the large was WAY too big for I decided (w/ the help of another tPF know who you are!!!!! LOL) to try again w/ the khaki/saddle medium carly b/c I could use that at different times of the year since it isnt such a dark color, thus not HAVING to wear it w/ a winter coat, and being able to have my beloved Carly...PS: it should be here by Wednesday!!!!! YAHOO~!!!!!!!! Honestly....I would say go to a store and try them on....for me, the large was way too big...but I did love that slouch it had!!!!! Good luck!
  13. I like a big bag. So the large Carly is great for me. Plus I'm a really tall girl so it doesn't look huge on me.
  14. A little OT here but does anyone happen to know what these are going for at the outlets these days? I'm thinking I may want one. I've wanted a Carly for ages but I never actually take the plunge.
  15. I went with the large over the medium because I wanted a large bag since I got rid of my tote bags. I was a leary of the size also but I have a large frame and I am 5'7.