How is the Wristlet?

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  1. Would appreciate some details on both the interior and exterior of the wristlet! I am thinking of getting a new one to hold my notes and cards and coins (seeing how I'm using an old wristlet for these stuff, I'm not a particularly organised person :P ), and perhaps my iphone on the outside compartment? Is it a non-detachable wrist strap?

    Or would a cosmetic pouch do the same trick as well? I love how it looks, but it's not as flat as a 'wallet' nor do my tricky makeup powders behave sufficiently for me to get one for its intended use. I need an excuse!
  2. Good question! I don't have one, but thanks for the reminder, I'm going to add one to my next order!
  3. Anyone? I might have to order it on impulse :O
    Time to choose a leather!
  4. I love my wristlet, I use it all the time - especially since my Ormala now has things like diapers and bottles and other baby stuff, sometimes I ditch it rather than sort it all out, if you know what I mean? I don't think that an iphone would be secure in the outside compartment, unless they've changed the dimensions since I got mine (a year ago, now). I don't think it's big enough. I carry my cards in my main compartment along with coins and bills and my cell phone fits, too. (It's a pink Razr.) IThe iphone should fit in the main compartment, fine. I've carried my ipod in there before along with my cell, but it was tight. I don't generally use the outside compartment because I don't want to stretch out the leather, you know? Sometimes I put quick-grab cards in that pocket, like my various store cards and whatnot, or business cards if I'm at some kind of event. The wrist-strap snaps open so I can attach it to my stroller really easily.