How is a newly purchased LV packaged ?

  1. I have not purchased an LV from a store yet. My first LV store purchase will be coming this July from the HK LV store. I am eyeing an LV in ebay and the pics showed the dustbag and a beige card. I can't read what is written in the beige card so obviously, there is no huge, glaring LV logo like the ones that I see in the fake yellow cards. Does a store pruchase include such a card ?

    Thanks a lot girls for your help....
  2. Of the LVs I have purchased in a store, they come with a card saying the materials, and then one which states the model and a bar code. You may or may not receive these though - I didn't receive a model card with my BV.
  3. No they dont have yellow cards. They come with a booklet on how to keep your LV looking nice and a card with a barcode on it with the name of the item.
  4. There are a couple of small cards that have come with all of mine, about the size of one of those grocery store club tags that you put on your key chain. One is a buff colored tag that has the Louis Vuitton logo and lists the materials the bag is made of, and the other is a white tag with a barcode, a serial number, and the name of the bag (i.e. "Batignolles Horizontal").
  5. The booklet only comes with certain lines that require special care - e.g. MC, glace. It also came with the cerises bags but that was more a story book.

    Beware auctions for monogrammed items with care booklets !
  6. Thanks a lot ladies...this forum is really a big help for an LV newbie like me..and I do enjoy reading all the threads here too !!!:biggrin: