How important are Box, Dustbag, and Receipt for resale?

  1. I holding on to all of the above like grim death:sweatdrop: in case I ever resell my manhattan PM. Am I being overly cautious? I wonder how important these are since so many authentic bags are sold without these.

    Does the receipt really make a huge difference since they can be faked now?
  2. Honestly, I don't blame you one bit.

    I am the same way--except not bc I might want to resell my bags, but for insurance purposes.

    In fact, I am thinking of collecting up all of my receipts and having my grandparents put them in their safe.

    IMHO, better to be safe than sorry!
  3. I think keeping them keeps the resell price good. I was looking at CB pieces, but the fact that they had no box made me feel the price should be lower.
  4. I keep everything for another purpose though
    Boxes and dustbag - better storage
    Receipt - so that I'll know how much I paid for her 10 years later
    Material tags - might as well, just keep them with the receipts

    If I were going to buy something from Ebay, I would like to have everything. It kinda makes me feel that I somehow went to the store to get it, if you know what I mean :biggrin: It's a psychological thing for me
  5. Thanks for the replies! That's what I thought, psychological! I will be buying a speedy soon. I'm thinking used, but I won't get all the bells & whistles...I shouldn't let this stop me though.
  6. Some people don't really care about all these, as long as it's a good deal and the item is authentic. But then again, those are always nice extras, especially if the buyer is getting it as a gift to someone. So I think since you have all that, might as well you just keep them well. :shrugs:
  7. If you're thinking of reselling it then keep it.:yes:
  8. I keep all my receipts with the date code written on the top just for insurance reasons. I also keep the sleepers and boxes just in case someone needs a sleeper or a box.
  9. I'm not thinking of selling my bags but I still keep all the receipts, care booklets etc. If I was buying a bag from Ebay etc the added extras such as box would definately make me lean towards that buyer rather than someone who was just selling the bag.
  10. Sometimes, when I buy brand new from a store, I don't even get a box for a big bag, like my Brentwood. I've always received boxes from Valley Fair, and I AM KEEPING them. Dustbags are imperative. But, if I get a box, I'm keeping it, so luxurious.
  11. I think at least the dust bags and receipts are important. A trading assistant recently sold a bag for me on eBay (not LV but another high-end brand) and the listing showed the receipt (personal info. blacked-out); it sold for more than that syle bag has ever sold for previously(almost full retail). Can't say for sure, but I think the receipt and the original dust bag made the difference. I am keeping all that stuff for every bag I buy now.
  12. Thanks for the info soccermom. Very important, if we all plan on upgrading some day...:graucho:
  13. i like buying and having everything,even down to the shopping bag if possible...loll
  14. I keep everything and love buying from sellers who have kept everything too!
  15. I keep everything that comes with the bag. For storage, the dustbag is important, the other things (tags, receipt, etc) I just like to have! For resale purposes, I think that the more that you can provide with the bag, the better. Just adds to its authenticity for me.