How I made up for my bad Hermes experience at Las Vegas.

  1. I decided to head out to the new Hermes store in VA since I haven't been there since the move and also to makeup for my lost purchases at the Las Vegas Boutique.

    Besides the new store being very well designed, and well supplied, they were preparing for the opening party tomorrow night by planting flowers, shrubs.. etc.

    As soon as I walk in I was greeted by all the SA on the floor. A few customers who came in behind me were all greeted the same way. I was attended throughout my shopping there.

    I picked up a Rouge Bearn Wallet. Although I had originally wanted a trifold, the wallet was so light weight and screaming out my name.. I couldn't resist.

    I also bought a scarf ring in orange.

    The Giraffe Scarf I had my eyes on was only available in Las Vegas(lol), NY, and Hawaii... so the SA ordered one from the NY store, which will be in next week.

    She also thought I lived in DC and offered to ship all my goods so I didn't have to pay sales tax. Unfortunately, I live in Arlington, VA and that wasn't the case.

    Thanx for reading... and for all your support from the previous thread....
    bearn1.JPG bearn2.JPG ring1.JPG ring1.5.JPG
  2. congrats, joanna!!!!!!

    i love the color of ur wallet :love:
    Is the leather chevre????
  3. Congrats Joanna! Glad to hear that this experience was so much better!
  4. Beautiful, beautiful wallet and scarf ring! Oh, I'm so glad you had a much better experience at the VA Hermes...I'm so happy for you, Joanna. Enjoy your new babies and wear them well!
  5. Thank you~:heart:

    Honestly... I dunno which leather it is :shame:
    She said something about Komodor(?)...Maybe I was dreaming....
    It ways: Gala Buffalo on the tag(If it means anything) I had no idea what that means, but it's grainy and soft :graucho:

    They had the black box leather but I fell in love with this color.
  6. Thank you Jag.
    I guess it's partly the reason why people are encouraged to shop at one Hermes store? (LOL. I dunno...)
  7. Thank you sweet shopmom.
    I shall think of PF when I wear my new Hermes items so you're all wearing them with me~

    Oh boy I keep getting disconnected from PF server..
    time to study!

    Good night~ (Good morning)
  8. Beautiful! I just :heart: the Bearn wallet!!!
  9. Joanna, congratulations! Your Bearn is lovely! Buffalo Gala is just the kind of leather it is. Wonderful, durable leather!


    ME TOO!!!!!:heart:
  11. Thank you OTINGOCNI~

    I'm guessing it's Buffalo leather! LOL
    I love it!!:heart:
  12. What a beautiful wallet! So glad you were able to get your scarf and have a wonderful experience too.
  13. Love your purchases!!!
  14. I love that wallet! and I need one of those scarf rings LOL. I'm glad you were treated sooooo much better and that you will be getting the scarf you wanted. Enjoy! :flowers: :yes:
  15. Thanks Amkur!
    The scarf ring, although more expensive than the pocket scarves I wear them with, really do make a difference. It livens up every detail of the scarf!!

    luvshopping90 and Jessdressed... thanks for the compliments. I finally got to see the Giraffe scarf in the "other color" It was orange.. but I like the brown much better :smile: