How I got $ 2800in MJ for $450


Feb 5, 2007
New York
This story is kinda surreal, I can't even believe it, but it just happened to me. I NEVER thought I'd be able to get MJ for this cheap and kinda feel weird about the whole thing. About 6 weeks ago I bought an MJ purse online (ebay) a marc jacobs elastic stam in plum, it was gorgeous. I loved her so much but something was wrong with her, I paid 600$ and the buyer sent me the bag overnight and I asked for approximately $50 to fix the rips in the frame of the bag. I took it to Nordstrom where the bag's tag had said it was bought the Nordies lady saw the bag and took it directly to her manager, she returned shortly saying "this bag is not supposed to rip like that, it's a defective bag, would you like a new one?" I was stunned, a new one??HELL YEAH. So, I gulped hard as we went to the CS who issued me a full refund on a gift card for the full price, cuz I didn't want to order the bag right away, it was kinda traumatic, me going in for one thing and coming out with something totally different.
After a few days of being separated from my bag, I decided I wanted the same bag, but it was during this time that the first Nordies sale began and I was able to get a zip clutch too, with 20% off both pieces. I ended up paying $3 more cuz my gift card didn't cover everything.:tup:

Anyway, last week there was another Nordies sale and being the smart shopper that i am, I called Nordies and asked for a price match and got about $400 bucks back, which i spent some on a Teal zip clutch and still had money left over. :nuts:

I was so excited, the bags and clutches are beautiful and I can't believe my luck, I never win anything, so i figure this is what i won, Desinger goods at a not so designer price. :yahoo:



H Convert
Sep 6, 2006
First of all I am trying REALLY hard not to be totally jealous of you right now. OK I'm over it... What an amazing turn of events. All the stars were perfectly aligned for you.

I must say I love the burgundy zc with the plum stam. Really complimentary colors


hopelessly addicted
Apr 11, 2006
you must have seriously done some good deeds to receive such awesome bag karma! congrats!!! they're gorgeous!