How Hermesgasmic is this?

  1. **heart**
  2. wow, that would be sooo pretty for the holidays! wonder how much the reserve price is....
  3. ...*drool*!!!!!!!
  4. Wow, this is a stunner!!! dammit ... I NEED a bag~~~
  5. yeah - luv it!! but that lady's prices are out of hand ( crazy!) the reserve is probably a fortune...
  6. It's such a gorgeous shade of green though. Does anyone know whether Emerald Green is the official Hermes name for this?
  7. Wow, that is green! I don't think I have ever owned a green bag, but you know what? If anyone can make a gorgeous bag it is Hermes.
  8. I've been looking at this kelly since it was listed............. hmmm
  9. Pretty, huh? Eversince I saw pics of Imelda Marcos with her emeral green croc bolide I just fall in :heart: with the color. This would be the ultimate kelly to own (for me). I dunno why I'm so attracted at the fun/lively colors with H bags..
  10. Even I have been eyeing this, though the price is a bit much for me. But that colour! That bag is not to die for; it's to KILL for I tell you. I'd normally be momentarily downcast merely at the thought of not being able to get that bag but not today: I'm getting THE FAMOUS SHOPMOM WHIP! So I'm happy as anything....
    But that GREEN OMG....
  11. This is GORGEOUS!!! At first I was so excited to see such a price, but then I realized it was the starting price of a reserve auction...DUH! :Push:
  12. That is an emerald jewel!
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