How great to have a cake like this!

  1. For all the Venetia lovers!
  2. Wow! Truly too beautiful to eat!
  3. Wow! The zipper pull and pushlocks are amazing craftmanship! Not to mention it's a quilted Venetia...a regular one would be hard enough!
  4. OMG I love these cakes!!!! Yes she's sooo lovely...but I'd take lots of pics and dig in!! Emmy has no shame lol!!!
  5. so cute!
  6. ahahah very impressive!
  7. great details. Almost to good looking to eat!
  8. Wowwwww, gorgeous!!!!
  9. So cute!!
  10. I didn't realize it was a cake upon first glance. That's awesome. Did you make that??
  11. I wish, I was searching MJ on flickr and came upon this. Wouldn't this be great if we had an international meet.
  12. wooow haha thats amazing
  13. That's so adorable!
  14. yummy, i wonder what flavor that venetia cake is......
  15. wouldn't it be awesome if the real venetia had a red suede interior? then the cake could have a red velvet! yum!