How good do u know ur bags

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    a lil game ;)
  2. 29 seconds but I don't own any featured in the game =<
  3. Ahaha, 9 seconds!
    Maybe I am a little bag-obsessed
  4. 12 seconds!!
  5. :sad: just over 30 seconds, pity NZ doesn't have BIG stores that feature these designers!
  6. 13 seconds! i don't own any but i recognized them
  7. 51 long, long seconds. Wow, I really don't know my bags ! The Gucci one was the worst, it looks so much like a Chloe bag.
  8. 29 second, had problems with kate spade
  9. 49 seconds :sad: I had problems with the Dolce & Gabbana bag (awful).
  10. 20 seconds! too bad i don't own any. :sad: that furry kate spade. oh dear. i knew right away. haha
  11. 17 seconds, and closest thing would be the Marc Jacobs bag...I have the plain Venetia, not quilted.
  12. It took me 40 seconds, but I actually think that's pretty good for me considering that the MJ was the only one that I knew for sure.