how flexible are SAs with replacements..?

  1. As many of you know, I got my damier speedy 30 last week...I think today's the 2nd time I've carried it (as i JUST got the creases out!), and I noticed that there's this partial black fingerprint on the lock. It looks imprinted on the lock, and no matter how much I wipe it or try to clean it it doesn't come out :push:

    Do you think if I go to a boutique, they will replace it for me w/o question? If so, will I have to bring my receipt? Will they only do replacements within the 14 day period? Does the "Made in _____" part on the lock match the bag, or do they all say "Made in France"? Sorry for so many always, TIA! :yes:
  2. I would take it in with the receipt and ask for a new lock. I'm sure it won't be a problem.
  3. They are all made in France. You should have no problem with exchanging the padlock. Just bring your receipt and show them the problem.
  4. thanks!!! do you guys know if they'll only do replacements (etc) within 14 day period, or is it a lifetime thing...? *fingers crossed*
  5. I wouldn't worry about the 14 day thing, since it is just the lock you are replacing, and you clearly didn't do that to the lock yourself. Best of luck.
  6. No, not life time. They are brass, so they do tarnish, scratch, etc.
  7. no question! they should swap it out fast for you! if its real, and it is, you don't need your receipts for anything at LV!
  8. and it may not be lifetime, but you can almost always get a new lock from your sa!
  9. Just bring along your original receipt, show your SA the black print on the lock, and tell her that you're not comfortable with it. They will do an exchange for you. All locks are made in France, so no worries about that.
  10. You don't even need to bring anything with you - just say you need another lock for your speedy because the one you got wasn't perfect. I did that and they gave me 2.
  11. ^*patina*, your SAs are nice! Mine would probably look at me and say "Are you sure.......?"
  12. i just spoke with a SA (not at the store i got it from), and she was like, yeahhhh we can't just exchange the lock, because everything we take back must be in perfect saleable condition, so if you really believe you bought it this way, then you should take it back to the SA who sold it to you and see what she says. wth! sadness. i thought they were going to be so nice about it, since you guys seem to think so. now i'm not sure what to do, because i picked up my speedy at the LV store 4 hours from here while we were traveling, and i definitely don't want to go back there...
  13. hmmm, thats awful that they cant just exchange it. Ive heard people say on here that SA's have sometimes let them have an extra lock :confused1: so they shouldnt really be like that with you. You can buy a lock from eBay and I think at the store as well but why should you ??? they made this problem :cursing: . I think on your next purchase say "I lost the lock on my speedy I bought ___ weeks ago, would there be any chance that I could have a lock ??"...maybe they will give you one...if it is your regular SA you will have more luck. Good luck and sorry to hear about this :flowers: