How far would your man go to protect your dog?

  1. I just got home...from the hospital. My fiance called while I was at work that the ambulance was on the way for him he put a knife through his hand by accident and the dog got out when he was going outside to get down the stairs to wait for them...

    I freaked out because the dog did not have her tags on her due to us cutting her hair last night. This is my PRIDE AND JOY PUPPY! (purses and this puppy and him are MY LIFE) I got to the apartment before the ambulance was about to pull away I get in shaking....he got her she was downstairs checking out a vespa LOL

    However when we got home his blood was EVERYWHERE still and (the knife went through his hand while he was scraping brownies out of a dish...)hence my jaw dropping that brownies were all over the floor


    I had a stressful day but even with him bleeding and going into surgery he makes sure my other pride and joy is safe at all times :smile:
  2. OMG, I'm glad both your dog and fiance are alright now. I would be scared as hell too if my dog or cats run out of the house. They are all indoor animals and have no clue to the outside world.

    I was LOL when I read that your dog was checking out a vespa. That was so cute! Thank god your dog didnt go out to the streets and roam around. I dont even want to imagine the possibilities that could happen if she did.
  3. I took a halogen lightbulb to the forearm for one of my cats.

    I have this bedside table lamp that has a hinge in the middle and it never stays up. I was in bed and my cat was lying right next to me. The lamp started to fall and it was going straight for my cat's head. I knew what was going on and he didn't understand, so I had to block his head with my arm.
  4. Flaunt your pride and joy a Yorkie?
    I'm so lovin' the bow. What a gorgeous touch!
    Hope your feeonsay heals quickly!
  5. LOL yes she is a yorkie, we love her to death...he always said he did not get attatched to animals because he grew up around 20+ dogs...but he would do ANYTHING FOR HER...the day she got that bow she was MAD at us, it was her first grooming experience from someone other than us....we do it now and she is much happier..I cut him out of that pic but she was sitting right next to daddy :smile:

    Everyone throws yorkies into a prissy category but she is one spunky thing..she will attack dogs 5x her size :smile:
  6. Your fiance is too sweet. But I guess he also thought, get the dog before saving my hand, otherwise she'll kill me anyway!
  7. I think this is lovely your fiance deserves a bit of pampering, but agree with couturecreature bet thats what he was thinking to - how a mans mind works.....LOL
  8. My hubby would be the exact same way! Our three dogs are our babies and mean the world to us. If he were dying he'd make sure the dogs were okay first! :smile:

    Glad to hear that everyone is okay!