How far below wrist bone do your Loves fall?

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  1. Trying to figure out what's "normal". Mine fall almost exactly two inches down my arm below the bony part of my wrist bone (was that articulate?).
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  2. Mine falls at about 2 1/2 inches down. It's perfect :smile::heart:
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  3. mine fall exactly one inch below the wrist bone... both side... and looks right with my stacking. Perfect for me. When stacking, I keep it at the bottom of my stack (up the top of arm and opposite of the wrist) and it anchors wonderfully without bunching and looking messy.
  4. Mine falls around 5”. It probably also depends on the shape of your arm.
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  5. Wow.
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  6. MIne is like 3 inches below the wrist bone
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  7. B7416065-E447-4EB5-90CE-FCCB343C2D61.jpeg MIne is about three or so inches below. Perfect for me
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  8. Beautiful Lovess
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  9. Mine falls about 1 inch or slightly less and has been very comfortable for me.
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  10. 989BC771-CA36-4CF6-9D7E-7DED6E9973B4.jpeg About 3 inches. And it’s a size 16. :smile:
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  11. About 1" below the bottom of my wrist bone. TBH, I wish I had purchased a size larger (17).
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  12. 3"
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  13. I have the cuff and it falls about 3 inches below. My wrist is 14.5 Cm and I have the size 17 cuff.
  14. About 3 inches [emoji4][​IMG]
  15. About 3. Size 17.

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