How does your weekender compare to city?

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  1. Just bought an 03 weekender, how do you girls like yours???
    How does it compare to city???
    thanks !!!:yes:
  2. hi julielive
    congrats on your weekender!!!
    i haven't received mine so i can't compare it to my city, but i think of if you search the threads. you'll find some pics comparison sizes of cirt, work and weekender...
    i'm too lazy to search now :P
  3. :yahoo: Yay for you! Congrats on the Weekender!
    I have a City and a Weekender and both are great of course but sometimes you want a really big bag and that's when the Weekender is pure perfection!
    I use my Weekender as an everyday bag and I love it! At first it seemed really big but after you use it a few times it you just get used to having so much room for everything and then you want to buy more Weekenders! LOL!
    Let us know how it goes! And post pics too, please :yes:
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