How does your paddy age??

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  1. I've been wondering - how do chloe bag's show their age and can anything be done to prevent it?

    I know that it is a "worn" style bag, but would prefer to avoid unnecessary damage if its possible.

    I'm thinking its the piping and and the hardware that get damaged quicker....

    Does the leather look better for longer if its treated with leather conditioner and the hardware removed when not in use?
  2. I didn't treat mine and kept the hardware on...basically didn't take any measures, and the leather is beautifully soft and even.
  3. The instructions that came with my Chloe Silverado said to weatherproof reglarly. I own the Wilson's leather (the leather stores in the mall) leather conditioner and weather protector. I'm not sure it the conditioner does anything. It does help fade water spots some. The weather protectant is wonderful. I've used it on all kinds of leather - my burberrys, chloes, my andrew marc leather coat, suede shoes. All high end and it does a wonderful job. I think the weather protectors really do help a lot and take a lot of the panic out of getting caught in the rain. The leather dries without any water spots. I do it about once a year.
  4. I don't do anything. It's bound to get a little used, but there is no sign of wear on my bag.
  5. I think the Paddy leather is one of the toughest around – I got a really beat-up one on eBay (seller didn't disclose how beat-up it was), but it was really more the inside lining and slight softening of the handles that gave it away, rather than wear and tear on the leather. I sent it for professional cleaning and came back looking good.

    I would say the Paddy ages better than me!
  6. Last year I spent a month in humid Southeast Asia and brought my tan paddy. That was the only handbag I had with me and I took it with me to almost all jaunts before I had a chance to Applegard it. When I came back here, I noticed that the handles had darkened somewhat and I freaked out not knowing what to do. I used the Applegard cleaner but it didn't really work much so I just sprayed it with waterproofing. In the end I realised this is part of the wear and tear that the bag goes through and I just started using other bags thereafter.
  7. My paddy looks as good as the day I bought her (and I have used her a ton) and I have not done anythign to condition her.
  8. My 05 tan has some wear on the piping but part of that was my doing - I wiped the bag down with a baby wipe and saturated part of the piping which didn't take well to the porous leather. I tried to condition it with Appleguard and Leather CPR and made it worse. Now the piping in that area is a bit discolored. I would be careful treating the bags for this reason as the color can change.
  9. Yes Roey thats what I'm afraid of. Its dark enough as it is and I dont want it to get any darker, or get patchy.

    I am feeling like such a blonde.... perhaps I should read the care book....honestly never even thought of it....
  10. I used Appleguard conditioner on it once.
    I'm VERY hard on my bags. Both my paddys are carried regularly and they've fared quite well. If anything, they've become more softer and supple with use.
  11. Totally agree:yes:
  12. i only see some wear on the lock/plate where the two metal parts rub against each other. hope, i described it well...