how does it work?


Mar 4, 2008
hello everyone, i won a bag on ebay and it came today. it is missing a stud and a strap. i contacted the seller and they told me they would refund me. how do refunds work? do i get the refund first and then send it or do i send it and wait for the refund? can i ask them for return shipment refund? what happens if i send it and do not get the refund?
thank you:confused1:

moi et mes sacs

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Sep 22, 2007
Usually you would send the item first before refund. If you paid by Paypal then you may wish to deal through them. That way they will have tracking info etc, so the seller cant claim not to have received item back. If you just tell your seller you prefer this way it should be fine. Lucky you got a seller who agreed to refund..good luck