How does empreinte leather wear?

  1. Hi all

    I'm just contemplating my first empreinte purchase - Speedy 25 B in aurore empreinte.It is this or a black Mulberry Bayswater. I started buying bags a good few years ago and began with LV but moved to Mulberry. I'm now looking to come back.

    I'm looking for something which I can use a lot though as I will have to sacrifice quite a few others to get her. Can anyone who already owns empreinte and has used it for quite a while please let me know how it is wearing please?

    Thanks so much for your help
  2. My speedy soften up a lot. It still kept its shape and still beautiful, especially when filled. Only the corners are not as stiff and rubs off a little, but that depends on how much you use it. I think it's a good investment :smile:
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  3. Thanks so much for your help. Did the vcorners wear quite quickly and is there anything you can treat the leather with to help to prolong its life at all?
  4. I wonder this as well... My Lumi and metis empreinte haven't lost their shape, but I fear, for some odd reason, that the emp speedy will puddle. Keeping my eye on this forum as I really really want a speedy emp 30 next!!
  5. Can anyone also shed light on how their Empriente leather wallets have held up? I am considering purchasing the mahina Iris wallet but I don't want to buy it if it's going to lose it's shape quickly or look too worn in no time~ Thanks much (not trying to hijack this thread );)
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  6. I think the wear on the corners is about how careful you are with the bag, one of the corners on mine is fine, scuffs on all the others. They're all caused by me walking against a wall and scraping the bag off it... Aside from that the bag is fine, no issues, but it's only 7 months old so can't speak for long term wear.
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  7. I dont have speedy empriente. But i have artsy and metis empriente. So far they both perfect. I wear them rotate every week, and still look new. My artsy is 1 and half year old and my metis is almost 1 year old. Both not loosing any shape, and no scratch/rubbing. I love empriente leather. :smile:
  8. I have a lumineuse pm and I find the empreinte leather to be very, very durable and long lasting! You can carry it through the snow, sun and rain and it will not have to worry about anything. The only thing is that the leather does soften over time and the bags do lose their shape a little bit because of the this as the empriente leather is not very structured, luckly the leather does not crease though.
    I find that all handbags of any brand will show wear on the corners after time.. That said, I've had mine for over a year and it has gotten a lot of use, it has shown the least amount of wear than any other bag in my collection and still looks brand new.
    There are some very good video reviews on youtube on the empreinte speedies and from the empreinte clubhouse. This thread has lot's of good info too:
    Good luck deciding! Im sure you will love the speedy., its so cute cute and versatile, Aurore is a lovely colour!
  9. My artsy is perfection
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  10. Can't speak for the curiuse but I have the long secret emp wallet and it's held up mighty well- the only thing is, I have it in orient, and the color has come off a bit. That's likely my fault bc I'm not cautious AT ALL, and I've used it in the rain (never wiped it even after heavy rain), tossed it in bags and on rough furnitures. Overall though, it holds up well!!
  11. I'm wondering as well
    how the leather lasts... My empreinte speedy has to wait in her box 'till christmas. but I'm thinking I'll use her a lot (hopefully)😊
  12. it wears just amazing, very soft and durable
  13. It's very durable. I like the softening if leather. My Citadine doesn't keep it shape now but it's worn in and comfortable now
  14. It's wonderful!! Very strong and durable, yet it softens in time.
  15. My wallet looks pretty much the same since I bought it in 2011. Mine's in infini. Its slightly softer for sure, but nothing that affects the look or security of its content.