How Does David Spade Do It?? lol

  1. First it was Heather Locklear. Now it's -- Pam Anderson? How does tiny funnyman David Spade do it?
    TMZ caught up with Spade in Vegas over the weekend, getting kissed by the fantasy babe all boys want to be kissed by -- Pamela Anderson! The pair showed up together to JET nightclub at the Mirage and drank champagne and Red Bull vodkas together. Pam, as usual, sported her high-beam headlights and glow in the dark camel toe. Kiss me, Dave!

    Earlier in the day, Spade chilled in a daybed at BARE topless pool -- next to Sophia Bush -- who was in town celebrating her 25th birthday.


    Source: TMZ
  2. Yikes! Is Pam's tank see-through or what? :push:
  3. :blink::push:
  4. See-through skin-tight tank top AND a fluorescent orange camel toe??? Even Pam can outdo herself sometimes.
  5. Um ew, he's not good looking or really funny... to each their own I gues haha
  6. I think he is funny
  7. He's so gross..nothing attractive about that man. Although Pam isn't any better.....
  8. I think he's funny too, but he doesn't look too hot in those pics!
  9. lol at camel toe and see-through top, not to be gross, but there's like four pounds of boob under those nipples, how weird looking.

    He must just be a nice guy, or really funny.
  10. Actually, I think he is a little too grungy and outspoken for my taste. He used to be funny on Just Shoot Me.
  11. I liked him on Just Shoot Me. I met him once and he was a real jerk. Full of himself.
  12. She looks like a Hooters waitress.
  13. :throwup:
  14. He has not aged well IMO. Look at 1990s SNL sketches and it's pretty shocking the difference!

    he is funny mostly but naaaaa not my type.

    I am seriously cracking up on the OP "high-beam headlights and glow in the dark camel toe." ROFLMAO!
  15. A jacked-up Hooters waitress!