How does Coach jewelry wear?

  1. I wanted to know of those who have bought Coach jewelry, does it fade over time and how does the gold on brass wear? I saw a bracelet that's the right size and I like the style, so I thought I'd ask before falling in love with it. Lol. (Note: This is not a thread about whether or not you like Coach jewelry. That's another thread. :biggrin:)
  2. I'm curious as well. After having the legacy locket gold tone key chain fade after about a month of use, I've been hesitant to buy the jewelry - which is killing me because I love the Daphne snap head necklace!
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  5. Hey Indigo, I have several bangles, and mine show wear on their ends because I usually wear more than one. They will jingle together when I move my arm, inevitably wearing off some of the gold (or silver) finish. Even still, I don't notice unless I really look closely, so it is not enough to make me not wear them together! (And hey, if I keep wearing them together, it covers up the offenses!) Otherwise, I have had no other signs of wear.

    Hope that helps!

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  6. ^Yes, it did! Thanks. :biggrin: