How does Chanel shoe sizing run?

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  1. Can anyone tell me if Chanel shoes are true to size? I didn't find a previous post about it. Thanks ;)
  2. it depends on the type/style of shoe, but i have found them to run pretty tts, especially in anything other than a wedge (which run wide, imho).

    i wear 38/38 1/2 depending on the style of louboutins, 37/37.5 balenciagas, 36-37.5 in lanvins...a bit everywhere, but whatever!
  3. i find the ballet flats tts. but anything else, interms of the heels and platforms are alittle on the large side for me.
  5. I find them to be very true to size. I also like that they're not super narrow in most cases. They usually fit me quite well.
  6. I am a size 7.5 in most shoes/boots and 7 in most sandals.. I am looking to buy a pair of Chanel boots. I've heard that you have to buy two sizes bigger? Also, are Chanels generally narrow in the foot area? Thanks in advance :smile:
  7. I size up 1/2 size in Chanel. I am 7.5 US in close toe shoes/boots, and also 7 or 7.5 in sandals.
  8. Depends on the shoe. I've gone up as much as a whole size in Chanel.
  9. I sized 1/2 up for Chanel flats, but they were still quite tight.
  10. I wear a US 9 and have to size up to a 40 in Chanel, for both flats and heels.
  11. Hi girls! I was just wondering if anyone can help me out with sizing for Chanel patent pumps? They dont have them here in Toronto, so I have to ask my cousin to buy them for me in HK and ship it to me. They are round toes (closed) and around 3" heel height in patent leather. Anyone know if I should size up or down? I'm a Gucci 8, CL 38.5 or 39, Choo 38.5 in open toe. I read that Chanel shoes run smaller and plus this is in patent. Do you guys think I should go for a 38.5/8.5 or 39/9?:shrugs:
  12. It seems like we are the same size. Chanel runs a bit small. For my platform pumps, 8.5 fits me, but I ordered a size 9. For all my heels, I always put a pair of soft rubber soles in the front part, so they are more comfortable. In your case, since it's hard to exchange, I would order a 9, it's better to have it a bit loose than a bit small, and you can always put in a pair of soles.
  13. Just wondering whether the classic ballerinas are true to size - im kinda in between sizes with it (8.5 and 9) although I have a feeling they will stretch a bit (cliche yes, but could be true with the soft leather!) Any advice is much appreciated.. :confused1:
  14. I don't own a pair myself and I was wondering what size my 6-6.5 in women's US sizing would translate into Chanel heels? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. they run small, I'm an 8 in regular flats and I get 39.