How do your protect your Hermes leather?

  1. I'm just wondering how you all protect your precious bags against the "elements"...I usually spray my other bags with protectant but since I'm a birkin virgin, I'm not quite sure if I should spray her too...BTW, i use apple garde on all my other bags.:shrugs:
  2. I check the weather forecast obsessively and don't take an H bag out if it sounds like rain/snow. I don't think I would take the chance with using a protectant product. I do use something to periodically clean/moisturize...a little Mustela baby cleansing lotion sparingly, only occasionally, on my black clemence Birkin, as it is used heavily. Have used it on a red clemence bag too. And vintage black box. The others I have left alone and would really only entrust an H store to do maintenance. I have heard of some other products people like...creme saphir? Meltonian? but have no experience with those. I would not put anything on a light-colored leather or Barenia for fear of darkening the leather...and would not put anything on any of the exotics. Amazonia I maintain with the wipes they sell, or a latex spray (don't ask where I bought that!)
  3. for me, the finer the leather the less i like to monkey with it so i wouldn't use anything on hermes leather (at least not without consulting with hermes).
  4. Oh. I dare not do anything to my bags. Bad weather? Bag stays home.
  5. I didn't even dream of treating my Kelly's Swift leather with anything...

    It stays home most of the days... poor girl... let alone a rainy, or cloudy day..
  6. Hermes craftsman specifically told me not to do anything, only clean as needed by Hermes or every 2 years or so by Hermes themselves.
  7. my H bags stay home if it's raining. otherwise i use a generic lotion on both my clemence & veau evercalf. my swift stays untreated.
  8. I don't use any leather sprays or cleaners on my H bags....better leave that to the expertise of their craftsmen. Besides I love letting them wear and tear the au naturale way, more character that way :smile: And if it's not a tornado or hail storm, I will still bring my H bags out, Box Birkin included :nuts: I just make sure to pack in the raincoat.