***How Do Your Co-Workers Handle Your Coach Addiction?***

  1. I was just wondering because I haven't worked with women in a long time. Do women at work make alot of comments about your purchases? And how do you handle them?
  2. sometimes. they think it is funny. esp if they c me on tfp at lunch break
  3. I supervise two employees and neither of them knew about Coach until I was introduced.

    I have one who doesn't say anything and one who made a special trip to an outlet for the pill case holder. I think now she could be hooked but can't imagine spending the amount of money on a bag that I do! It's fun for us!!
  4. Well I'm now a SAHM, but when I did work in an office, I was known as the Coach girl! It really didnt bother me - I worked in a pretty affluent environment so most people had nice things. There was one lady though who used to bug me about it. She would accost me every time I came in with a different bag..."is that new? when did you get that? How much was that one?" When I sat near her for a while, I stopped switching bags just so she would leave me alone. And I rarely said anything was new - they were always "old ones from my collection!!" The funniest thing was once a month, this girl would bring in a HUGE plastic bag of fakes (Coach and LV mostly) and they would call me in to see how "good" these fakes were! I heard after the fact that some of them made comments that I was stuck up because I never bought anything! Which was fine with me!!
  5. We actually don't talk about it at all. There are only 5 woman in the office and none of them (except for me) are into designer handbags. Frankly, I don't think they would understand paying that much for a bag.
  6. I work closely with about 8 women (so 9 counting me). Of the nine, four really like Coach.
  7. ^^That's me but in a preschool. They probably think I'm nuts!:rolleyes:
  8. I work in a small dental office. All girls except for the dentist. Every one has at least one coach purse. I love my coach handbags and but it seems that Coach is becoming really, really common. Where I live, everyone has multiple coach handbags, and that includes the high school girls my son goes to school with. And yes they are authentic. That's the reason I have become acustom to carrying my LV and Prada hand bags. I use my coaches more in the winter when the weather is icky.:shame:
  9. Well, I haven't worked since I've started purchasing Coach, but I may be starting here soon. I probably won't take a bag, though, caz I'd be working at a daycare. We don't need any tiny finger prints or stickers...lol!
  10. All of the girls I work with don't really care or pay attention to my bags, maybe it's because I am just a nutrition intern. My supervisor loves my bags though and she has a few too, so it's nice to talk with her about our bags.
  11. Ha! This is going to be a great thread!

    I work with 50+ daily, majority doesn’t know of my obsession. But there are 2 women that I work very closely with that enjoy my love for Coach because they are both loyal to the brand too! So I have fun with them, sharing the new catalogs, lusting over new styles and sharing our PCE and outlet adventures with each other. The 3 of us all understand each other’s obsession and we laugh about it, it's great! :yahoo:

    Now, on the other hand. There are a few women who think I am an absolute nut job for spending more than $10 on a bag :confused1:! One of them rolls her eyes :rolleyes: at me whenever I show her my new bag (and I don't even buy frequently, every 4-6 months or so!) But she is a dear friend of mine. Now she spends $200+ a month on entertainment, going to the movies, buying DVDs, etc. I do not. But I don't give her grief, maybe I should!

    Another women also thinks my bags are tdf but complains that I spend too much on them, then goes on saying she could think of hundreds of other things to spend her money on... booze and cigarettes are one of them! No joke people! She is a party girl and would rather spend $500+ on the bar scene. I don't complain to her! More power to her right!? :yes:

    It's just so funny how all the girls... um, I mean women :roflmfao:, react when it comes to bags preferences. Now I do remember one past incident when I just gotten engaged and a women from the office just found out and blurted out "Time to compare engagement rings!!" all giddy and all. I guess she was trying to see who had the biggest karat or something. Wouldn't it be great to have a diamond blog, or jewelry blog! Might be too catty!

    Even if some ladies give me grief on my bags, I still flaunt them proudly on my shoulder or tucked nicely in the crook of my arm :yes:!
  12. Love the comments. I'm just trying to prepare myself. Oh and haute_for_coach, we do have an engagement ring thread. Although I don't think the women are catty on here. Who knows? :shrugs:
  13. I work with all women (Labor and Delivery unit) and they always have comments to make about my bags. They all notice when a new one is brought in. Even the one guy that works on the unit now knows what a Mandy and Carly are :p
    I have been successful in changing the ways of a couple of nurses- one bought her first Coach item, a wallet, when I had my PCE card. Next time she's getting a bag- she said it's an insult to her $250 wallet to ride around in a $17 purse :p One other friend is just as into Coach as I am- I noticed her Large Choco Carly the first shift and we've been friends ever since!
    Most of them don't get it though. They always ask "how much was that one?" and I just giggle and say "25% off".
    Like I always say, my Coach bags make my scrubs look hot! And I always throw my Tattersall cashmere scarf on when I leave in the morning :smile:
  14. There is a cool forum called Pricescope.com! Check it out- I found out about it by reading the Jewelry Box Forum in tPF. You learn tons and see some *gorgeous* jewelry!
  15. ^That sounds fabulous. I noticed one person who works where I will be wears Coach. But they may not work closely with me. I may only wear my three leather bags until I see how everything is.