How do you wear your

  1. pomme d'amour heart cles? I love mine, spent a fortune to get it & cannot figure out what to do with it....Ideas, please?
  2. I don't have the pomme, but the mc one. I use it as a bag charm and hang it off most of my purses. I usually store my lipbalm and a few dollar bills for the vending machine in it.
  3. I also use mine as a bag charm. It's good for extra money (one day I used it as a mini wallet in one of my pochettes) and ticket stubs for the movie theater, etc.
  4. How the heck do you attach it? That's where I'm having trouble!
  5. Here you go..just loop the chain around the bag's strap and hook it back to the ring on the heart. I'll find my pic and post it.
  6. I just got a MC one and Ihang it off my Speedy from the handle. Its good for change, lipgloss and breath strips.
  7. Here's the pic (sorry for the delay, I had to restart my internet).
  8. So cute!!! Thanks for the pic, Lvbabydoll!
    The pomme d'amour heart cles looks so YUMMY!
  9. Thanks, and you're welcome!
  10. Don't use mine except as a bag charm. Looks great hanging off damier or mono.
  11. Lol I did that are the other two pictures I posted in the Coeur club.
    44hjs4l.jpg 4005je0.jpg
  12. Here's how I fit mine on my Rox :heart:

  13. I use my pomme heart as a charm on my lockit horizontal or as a change purse for my Sophie.
  14. Ah, you were all so helpful ! I was getting frustrated trying to figure this out but now I know what to do!! Thanks to all of you for the tips & pics!:flowers:
  15. I have this same one but I have never put anything inside mine. It is my most useless purchase to date, but most LOVED! I adore this item. I wear it on every bag. Except my riveting. It looks kinda dumb on it. lol
    It looks cute on my white miu miu Coffer bag and I even wear it on my cerises speedy. Still cute!
    My fave to have it on is the white suhali lockit. It's stunning against the white leather.
    It has no real use. Nothing fits inside, but definitely wear it as a bag charm!