How do you wear your Petit Noé?

  1. I was looking at a Noé on and I noticed they have a "Petit Noé". Can you wear that on the shoulder? How is that like? Small? Can you put alot of stuff in it? :confused1:
  2. I love the Petit Noe, You wear it on your Shoulder. And it would hold a lot. I have my eye on buying one - one day. :love:
  3. I love the petite noe its a bit smaller but still holds plenty. I use it alot for travel, I carry small umbrella large make up case, phone , wallet, checkbook, ipod, wappity case, and sometimes I even throw a light weight sweater in it.. it holds plenty.
  4. Second that!!..

    It holds a lot than you think and if you're petit or small I think you should go for this bag..:yes:

    I had mine back in 1995 (and it's the first LV), I'm still in love with it..:love:
  5. I have 2 and it holds a TON. I only carry it on my's too big for a hand held. I just saw the Mono Mini line and I can't believe I missed out on that one!

    I :heart: Petit Noé
  6. The petit noe holds a lot. It's also very comfortable on the shoulder. You could fit all of your everyday stuff in it. I just wish a miroir noe was made :sad:
  7. here is Irene with her's and a few pic's with what it will hold.
    HTH's :yes:
    petit_noe.JPG Noewspeedy.JPG noewithspeedy.JPG IMG_4847.jpg
  8. BTW....I wonder when the Azur is coming out? I see it as a pic on eLux but not to buy. It's TDF:heart:
  9. Thanks everyone fr the yur answers. So you can wear it on the shoulder comfortably on the shoulder. I usually like to sling the bags across my shoulders left-to-right - don't know if that's possible with the Noé.

    BTW, a Miroir Noé should be coming out too. Oksana @ SoHo told me so. :yes: Part of the whole "Icons" concept :yes: