How do you wear your Kelly & in what kind of area do you live?

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  1. It's funny, even before Tulips thread about how we wera our Birkins, I have been wondering about the Kelly. There are so many Kelly lovers on this forum. Even in the basic leathers, the bag seems so sophisticated and slightly dressy. So I'm wondering, do most of you Kelly fans who carry yours regularly live in larger metrolpoliatan areas where people dress up more as a matter of course? Or perhaps in an affluent suburb of a large city? Do you close the turn lock and straps every time? Do you ever use the shoulder strap? Ever since S'Mom's pic of her wearing her vert olive Kelly with jeans,I have been thinking about this bag! Thanks for your thoughts!
  2. I live in a metropolitan city and for me, I need to be dressed up for my Kelly to work (boxcalf, rigide). It's just personal preference for me. With the Birkin, I feel I can wear just about anything since it's a more casual piece but the Kelly, especially one that is rigide, needs a more classic, put-together look to really work.

    Suffice it to say, my Kelly doesn't get as much "show" time as my Birkin.
  3. I live in a fairly small town and my bags are carried wherever I go -- however the one kelly I have does sit out a little more than my beloved bolides which are my bag of choice -- I love the look of the kelly but for me it's more the ease of access that can frustrate me stopping at the market, etc. That said, I do carry it anywhere and everywhere when I decide to take it out for a few days - mine is vermillion chevre sellier - and sometimes I think a souple style might work better for me...
  4. my black kelly is box and sellier so i wear for evenings/dressing up. my white kelly is clemence and retourne so i can wear it with even my most casual clothes (even with shorts/tee/flip flops). of course white kelly also goes well with dressier clothes too. i hardly ever do the straps, except for sometimes at night so i can keep the shape of the bag nicely for maintenance sake. once in awhile i carry on my shoulder with the strap and it's just hanging open until i get a chance to close it. very easy once you get used to it. i need the shoulder strap once in a while because i have a toddler and need to be hands free.
  5. kim_mac: Do you live in a large metro area?
  6. S'mom looks so great with a Kelly, she is completely natural, chic and casual with them --- THE perfect model for style, I was bowled over by what she did with them. In my opinion it isn't so much the area in which you live, but the person who carries the bag, and the Kelly really shouldn't be as stuffy as some people can make it seem. I have yet to own one, precisely because I am afraid that my unease would translate into a bit of rigidity and stuffiness.
  7. I love my Kelly's but I have to say that my Black Box Calf Retourne doesn't get as much play as my souple Clemence. That's why I'm on the hunt for another in a light shade......retourne, Togo or Clemence. PERFECT for that casual lifestyle I have!
  8. S'Mom: You're just an average person with a passion for wearing Kellys! (jk) Did you see the turquoise 28 on eBay??
  9. Well said MrsM. S'mom always looks fab with her Kellys. I live in the 'burbs near a large metropolitan city but the vibe here is uber casual. I always have the shoulder strap attached as I am also the mother of a young toddler. My Retourne Kellys get a lot more use out here than my Sellier ones but I love the look of the Sellier and still use them despite their more formal appearance.
  10. luv2shop, I feel it's going to be hard to typecast a Kelly Lady:smile: there can be lots of differences.....and that makes it fun.

    I take my Kelly when I want a hands free bag.....opening and closing the interlocking belts/straps is not a problem, but, that said, mine is usually just locked with the turnkey and the straps hang from underneath.

    Sometimes I do lock the straps....I love to play with the Kelly.

    Almost always use the shoulder strap( it stays attached ) and let the strap hang naturally, should I pick up the bag by it's handle. I love box calf and clemence two favorite leathers.

    I live in a new neighborhood, mostly retired but with busy and active people. I wear denim black boots, my Collier de Chien, good jewelry, like to walk and bike and I just traded in my Jaguar and am looking to buy a Corvette.

    Although I keep to myself, I like people, like to show off and feel I deserve and will accept only the best:tup:
  11. lol about the turquoise kelly - shopmom is weaning her way into colors -- rouge h and now a brighton -- I think turquoise would put her over the edge (although she can carry any color off IMO!!)
  12. btw Orchids good to see you back around!!
  13. Currently I live between SF and LA, and depending on the city, it's WAY different, haha. SF, it's jeans, cute heels and a tank. LA, it's usually a party dress or some variation, haha. Seriously though, how can you go wrong?
  14. Thx Shoes. :heart:
  15. l2s, i live in a suburb near a large metro city.