How do you use your fruit coin purses?

  1. So this summer I got the lemon slice coin purse for the sole reason that it is adorable and I love lemons. But It sits in my closet because I don't know how to use it...I don't like having a separate item to get out for coins. I really want to use it, so does anyone use it for something other than a coin purse?
  2. I don't have one, but it might be cute clipped around the strap of a summery bag as a kind of big charm accent maybe? I don't know how big they are.
  3. I have one but haven't used it yet. I am waiting for April so I can take out my pink zebra gallery tote and clip my apple coin purse to it. The pink of the tote and green of the coin purse would just pop right out at ya!
  4. is it big enough for some of those annoying store loyalty cards?
  5. I don't have it with me at the moment but I'd have to say no. I don't remember it being that big enough for it.
  6. P.S. I could be wrong though. Hopefully someone has a definite answer for you before I get home from work later on.
  7. If I had one, I would use it. They are super cute.
  8. My credit card, drivers license and grocery card just fit in my grapefruit slice, just remember NOT to put them in with the magnetic stripes touching!

    But I usually use mine for my compact-size garage door opener. It's really cute hanging off my fuschia field bag or one of my pastel Scribbles.
  9. What a cute and great idea!
  10. I don't...I bought it last summer and it's still sitting in its little bag. :sad:
  11. I saw one of those on eBay recently and LOVE it. If you're like me and have a few different kinds of lipbalms/lipsticks rolling around in your bag, you could use it to hold all of them in one spot, and maybe throw in a little mirror. That's probably what I'd use it for if I had one. Hmmmm, now I'm thinking maybe I need one :p .
  12. Another possibility - most police departments always suggest that you keep your car keys on a separate ring so if someone grabs them they don't get your house keys too and find out where you live from whatever warranty papers or books you keep in the car, which I suppose makes sense as long as the scumballs don't grab your purse too.

    But anyway, the fruit slices are just big enough to hold a set of car keys and your car remote .
  13. I just got the lemon wristlet and plan on putting items like lip balm, nail clippers etc. or my ID and other cards when Spring and Summer come. I thought it would look really cute attached like a charm on my summer bags.
  14. I don't :shame: it is sitting on my shelf!! but kallison, I used to keep my store loyalty cards in there until I got the legacy coin purse.