How do you use your CANGURO?

  1. HI, I just got a Canguro yesterday. I dont think I need it but it is soo cute and of course, I got it at a good price Anyway, I tried to put my wallet in it and it looks kinda lumpy and it changes the shape of the canguro and makes the zipper looks crooked. So , If anyone has one please let me know how you use it and post some pic please.
  2. THanks Frogbubbles. I guess a wallet doesnot fit in there..ok well..i still love my canguro !
  3. Yeah, a wallet isn't great in there. But I love mine too. :smile:
  4. I mostly just admire mine as it hangs on a hook :shrugs: Every once in awhile I use it though.
  5. as my friends always say...its good for clubbing and when you don't want to carry much stuff!
  6. yup i agree :biggrin:
  7. canguros are so way cooler than fanny packs! i'm so glad lesportsac updated that invention. there's no reason why anybody should be using a traditional fanny pack anymore...
  8. What is it people can fit into it? Could you get a cell phone into there without making the zipper all wavy-ish?
  9. YES, there is a mesh pocket that you can put your cellphone into. But of course , it wont fit a wallet unless your wallet is super thin. I tried putting my wallet in, It fits but the zipper goes wavy. But it is still a fun toki bag
  10. Oh sweet. I may have to buy one of these eventually... it seems like an awesome thing to take to concerts.
  11. Dancing Nancies: Yeah, you should definitely get one! It is so cute!
  12. My wallet fits perfectly inside of mine along w/my cell/ipod/inhaler keys and there's still tons of room!! It's great! :love:
  13. TokiliciousJenny:
    would you mind posting a pic of all your stuff that you put in there and then a pic of where you put them in the Canguro and how it looks on?
    THat would really be great!
  14. There's room for all of that?? And it's not bulky? Wow, that's awesome! haha, this is moving up towards the top of my list :yes: