How do you use the Bobbi Brown Shimmerbrick ?

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  1. Okay im going to give in and buy this darn thing since i read about it in every single magazine i pick up.. But i have no clue how its used ?? What is it ?? A bronzer ?? Do you mix all the colours together ??

    EDUCATE ME!!!!! :shrugs: :shrugs: :shrugs:
  2. I use it as a highlighter. I have the beige one. I swirl a kabuki brush through all the colors, then put it on over my blush and maybe a little on my chin and forehead. I can't seem to really notice it too much. Maybe a different color would be a little more noticeable. I also sometimes just use a single color from it as an eye shadow.
  3. You can use each color seperately like you would seperate eyeshadows. The lighter in your arch. darkest in your crease/fold , and medium base color on bottom lid.
  4. i had the bronze one and i've tried the pink. i used them as a brush over the whole brick and dust on the apples of your cheeks. i also used the bronze one as eyeshadows (just swiping the individual colors) and mixed it with lipgloss once.

    they're pretty versital, but at the end of the day were just too shimmery for me. think i would have figured that out by the name.:noggin:;)
  5. I have the bronze shimmerbrick.. I've had it for like ... a while now.. the only color that is showing use is the lightest... I use it as eyeshadow...
  6. I use it as a bronzer, combining all colors as I'm fair and don't want it too dark. I also use the lighter color to highlight when I go out at night. It's really pretty.

    I also have the sandstone eye pallet. The colors go on very lightly, so I find I use it more for day than for evening. I thought it would be the opposite.
  7. i sweep the blush brush over it, then blot on a tissue, then apply to cheekbones. light highlighting.
  8. I have very fair combination skin and I use the pink shimmerbrick (the "rose" one is really pink, while the "pink" one, ironically, is really subtle).
    I use all colors together with a large brush and use it as cheek highlighter (e.g. the area beside the nose and under the eye), cheekbones). It looks like a subtle glow and not at all like oily skin when you use it where skin normally does not get shiny. Also looks great on photos.
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