How do you treat your H addiction?

  1. I have to ask you fellow addictees, how you work it out? I always thought myself as bright, down to earth and "ok" with finances.. However it seems my head goes completely empty when I have a Hermes bag at my reach! I also thought that it helps after the few first bags, but my addiction seems to get worse- not better!!! Should I just bann myself from H shops, tPF and eBay?? :wtf:

    I really need help before I make my husband go crazy :p Men don't seem to understand the thing about H bags..
  2. My H addiction is extremely acute and it can't be treated!
  3. i think the general idea around here is that we sort of enable each other towards MORE bags!!! :yahoo:
  4. Justify, justify, justify. They are works of art. Fill in with small things, like scarves and wallets and charms and bangles and, well, you get the point.
  5. Thank you for the help! Unfortunately my addiction is towards the bags (which is of course more expensive..), but maybe I should also focus on to smaller leather goods and scarfs.. Thanks for the idea! Nice to know that there are people with the same "problem"*and they seem to live with it really well! :wlae:
  6. Do you have a grail bag? If you were to get that, that might quench your 'thirst' for a while.... maybe.....
  7. new at this..Ignore please
  8. I started reading this forum to gain info after I went into my local H store for an Evelyne and walked out w/a VL 32 ebene Kelly(from the back)......its snowballed in less than a year...this is our outpatient H treatment.........we ladies are the best....I have only recently made a few posts.....but I will share my Wealth of H knowledge in the future.....:hysteric:
  9. I have the same problem. I just keep buying and I hate to say, I think this forum is part of my problem. I get on here, see something someone posted from eBay and I'm like "Oh my god I totally need that". Several bags and several thousands of dollars later I'm still ready to snatch up everything in sight. I actually was asking about Hermes rehab in another thread. I think will power and a shrinking checking account is your only hope.
  10. Yes the justifying is the worst.. You get all sorts of crazy needs from this forum lol
  11. :yes::yes::yes:
  12. Don't treat it , indulge it! Oh, I suppose that's not what you want to hear - blast!
  13. Willpower Girlz Willpower.......or Hmmmmmmm......only Buying With Cash!!!!!!
  14. i have no will power whatsoever. i dont treat my addiction coz i know it's untreatable. the problem with H is that once you get hooked, you can never get yourself unhooked like I did with other designer brands.

    I even dream about Hermes now-it's pathetic i know.
  15. Oh my g- I had a Hermes dream also! In the dream I was surrounded by bags and couldn't know which one to choose anymore..!! Great to know I'm not the only one "losing my mind" over these leather carryalls..:shame:

    I have been buying with cash (ok- few times with cc, but always payed the invoice as soon as possible!), but it still doesn't seem to help. Yes, I can see the ridiculous amount of money which is going out from my bank account, but I don't seem to be bothered about it as I'm getting lovely bags in return!

    Tell me, if I buy a REALLY expensive one, let's say big Birkin in crocodile, does that help? Or it only keeps getting worse and worse the more (and better) you get?:shocked: