How do YOU tell people?

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  1. My purple Love Me got quite the outing at an upscale craft show this weekend, attracting as much attention as some of the pretty things for sale.

    But when I try to tell people the brand, their eyes glaze over. I ended up writing it down several times for people to look up, since it was clear they would never remember. I have asked Jackie to send cards with her site on it to hand out when asked.

    I know some other craftspeople who do this and I am more than happy to have something to give to people interested in an item I love.

    How do you get the BE name out there?
  2. haha I don't even bother. Where I live I try to avoid the topic. I always say, I bought it online and wish wash around it since I'm uncomfortable telling people how much I spend on bags. No one around here would understand why I spend so much on bags which is why I feel so comfy here. I've never even told close close friends about the price of my bags. Only one who knows is my SO lol

    It'd be a good idea though about business cards from her!
  3. I've had several people ask me about my dark grey LM. I never discuss price but I give them the name of the company and tell them she's a designer based in the UK.

    It's funny...I often find people staring at my bag but can't figure out the brand. I just LOVE that!
  4. What a great question! I love your idea of handing out cards with the web address on it.

    I think the brand name may be a bit complex for some people, being six syllables...heck, it was complex for me, LOL!

    If someone asks, I'll answer the question with this question: do you have internet access? If the interested party says yes, I will write down the web address and urge them to check out tPF to read reviews from other people.

    So happy to hear about all the attention you and your Purple LM received at the upscale craft show you enjoyed this past weekend ~ how fun AND exciting!!! :tup:
  5. Perhaps the funniest thing that happened was that one vendor said she saw the bag coming down the aisle and thought "what a great purple bag" and then looked up and saw me and said "Hey I know her!" She could not wait to share this with me and get a look at the inside.
  6. What a GREAT story ~ that your bag was noticed first!!! What a testament to its beauty and style ~ I love it!!! :yahoo:
  7. Ha ha you sound EXACTLY like me! I do the same thing. I have had people look at my BE bags but honestly I have only had one person comment on my bag and that was a while ago. It was my LM dark grey. No one has really ever said anything to me about my BE bags. I just think the people around here aren't into bags like we are.
  8. When someone asks me, I say, "It's by a lovely young woman in London, who handmakes bags in Italy." Then, if they're really interested they pursue the thought and I give them the name.
  9. :hugs:for my bag twin!

    usually i end up writing it down for people! i would feel a little silly handing out business cards in social situations
  10. I agree that the purple LM is a looker. The purple is my fave BE color. I love it sooooo much!!
  11. I love this response!

    My DH said, "I like the name but it always makes me hungry for Mexican food!" He calls it "Belen Enchilada!":graucho:
  12. This is a great answer ~ I'm going to borrow/adopt it. :yes:
  13. Ha-ha!!! When I first heard / read the name, I thought of enchiladas, too!!! :roflmfao:

    A few people asked me about my LM but I just said that I got it online. I can't tell people how much I spend on bags!!! Sorry, Jackie!!
  14. likeafeather ~ you gotta do what you gotta do, and what you choose to spend is a highly personal and private manner, unless, of course, we PF ladies are discussing such things and sharing info about great deals and bargains, or, competitive pricing amongst online e-tailers. :smile:

    I already ate some fantastic Chinese but all this talk about enchiladas is making me hungry! What I wouldn't do for some authentic Mexican cuisine!! :thinking:
  15. you & me both dolores! it's IMPOSSIBLE to get authentic mexican food in london (well....understandable so)