how do you tell if chanel bag is authentic?

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  1. Hi! I bought a white chanel bag on e-bay, but now that I got it, how do I know it is authentic? You guys are pretty savvy,please advise!
  2. Post the ebay link and we will all look at it.

  3. Yes. Post the link!
  4. check out ebay user burberry_princess for her tips on spotting real/fake chanels.. she was lots of help! the basic thing is even stitching, the logo, authenticity card with matching sticker, and quality of leather... but i'm no expert. I'm scared of ebay... but there are such wonderful deals!
  5. I'm not an expert at all, but if you provide photos or the auction link we can certainly try to help!
  6. alot of fake chanels have the serial number ending with 5451
  7. I know! :[ That makes me so sad!
  8. Yes, burberry_princess's about me page is wonderful!!
  9. The card looks fake to me but you need to post your question in Authenticate thread. The girls here will give you better advice than mine.
  10. The authenticity card is wrong. The hologram is wrong. The box is wrong. The bag is unfortunately fake.

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