How do you tell a fake wallet from a real one?

  1. My girlfriend and her sister have fake purses and it is clear that they are fake from a mile away. However, their wallets are less obvious b/c there's no leather. Other than the datecode, are there other obvious signs? thanks!
  2. depends on the wallet.
    what style wallet is it, and the date code means nothing. Fake have them too.
  3. hers was a long french style one.
  4. Poor alignment of the monograms is one of the biggest signs. If the person has a wallet that has an ID window, the windows are almost always made of the wrong material on fakes. On authentic LV wallets, the ID window is made of semi-opaque plastic (see my pic below). When you put your ID in it, it almost looks like your ID is behind frosted glass. On most fake ones I have seen, the window is made of clear vinyl.
  5. This can be a bit tricky....where I live I have seen dozens of fake mono wallets, and fakes are getting better 'n better! Yes, poor alignment of the symbols is the number one sign that gives away a fake, as well as the interior colour. Also, authentic wallets with gold hardware will always stand out; I've had my Damier French Purse for almost 3 years now and even though the golden clasp has been battered about and subject to scratching, it's still shiny and nice. That's why I prefer buying wallets with at least some shiny gold hardware so that people know I'm using a real one and not a fake! (Just got myself the mono Koala wallet, very very pretty indeed!)
  6. Check the heat stamp as well... I find that the fakes still have trouble doing the fonts correctly on the inside of the wallet.
  7. I bought a wallet from ebay... the alignment of the symbols is my first sign also... this one was perfectly aligned. When I took it to the LV store for authentication even the SA said it was a great knockoff... still don't know how he could tell other than the interior color being a bit off... but he did say LV used that color a few years back. Of course I returned the wallet, don't want anything that has even the doubt of being fake... I saw the seller listed it and resold for $255 I only paid her $100 for it.
  8. dirtbag! (not you, the seller!) i have been the victim of a bait and switch. paypal helped me out, though.
  9. most the fake wallets out there were never made in the same style by LV
  10. most of the fake wallets cannot bend as easily as the real ones... oh and if they arent gonna pay 300+ for a bag, i doubt theyd spend 400 on a wallet...
  11. true- my friend wouldn't carry her bag. her sister proudly carried hers- the 'leather' was a horrible color, it was fraying, and the bag itself was not an lv style. they were convinced that hers had been stolen from louis vuitton and was, indeed, authentic.
  12. Why did they think it was real, lol
  13. just wishful thinking I guess :::shrugs:::

  14. Yes, I think so!
  15. Also alot of fake wallets are really really thick

    I went to downtown to look at the fakes so i had a better chance of not buying one online and usally the card holder is a really cheap plastic

    most of the time the font is huge in the fakes