How do you take care of vernis?


Sep 23, 2006
I might buy the PTI in vernis, but I remember reading on tPF that vernis is really high-maintenance. Is this true? I dont really take care of my things well, plus I live in India where there is always quite a bit of dust and pollution everywhere. Does anyone have any bad experiences/regrets with vernis? And does anyone have any tips on how to look after vernis? Thanks!
I have three vernis items, one in beige, which I have used a lot and an old purple reade .. I haven't had any problem with them and haven't been overly carefull..they all look great!
My tips:

Say you're not using it for a while, be sure to store it in a cool, dry place in its dustbag.

Also, if you are using it and it is very hot out, be cognizant of what you place it next to or on top of while it is in your handbag. (For me, I've had black leather transfer onto the vernis. :yucky:)

These tips will help with your vernis piece not getting any color transfer.
All the tips given are good ones..just don't set your piece on anything printed or let it sit on anything wet because it'll get lots of watermarks. Plus, if it's sitting on anything wet AND printed, it'll transfer the print even easier. Anyway, if you just follow those tips you should be fine. I have quite a few vernis pieces in different colors from the marshmallow all the way to bronze and haven't had trouble with any of them.
Don't even store in your dustbag for long periods of time (like a few weeks or longer). The color on the dustbag cotton may transfer onto your vernis. The SAs at my LV store had to send back to Paris a batch of their vernis bags because of this, now they advise customers about this.