How do you store your Valentino's

  1. Hi Ladies,

    looking for a bit of advice for storing my lovely new bags.

    I've recently acquired a divine rose petale tote and a nuage... my question is how do you store them, can I lay them flat like my balenciaga's or do they need to be stuffed to hold their shape?

    want to hear from you all how you keep your lovely bags looking so lovely :smile:
  2. Hi farrahmelanie,

    For me, it is a mixed storage. The ones I feel need shape (like histoires, fleurs, dome bags) I stuff. My nuage, vertigo, maisons I lay flat. Most I keep in their dustbags too. Then there are some I hang from their own special hook stuffed like my white python fleur.

    I am very interested to hear what the others do. :biggrin:
  3. When you do stuff them is tissue paper or
    Do you use the air filled pockets - bubble wrap. I always tend
    To use tissue paper when I stuff them, but due to a space shortage
    I fold them ever so carefully.
    Wish I had more space for my beauties...
  4. Some bags like the 360s can be stored flat, but most bags need stuffing. For example, Histoires and leather Histoires in particular are prone to wrinkling if not stored correctly so they need to be stuffed. I store most of my Valentinos in their boxes and dustbags, and take them out every two or three weeks so the leather can "breathe".Some Valentinos "need their own space". If you store them too close to something else they might get marks.Rosiers need to be stored in a place they won't get to much friction, the same applies to bags with beading, feathers, etc.I wrapp the "V" closure of Catch bags in tissue paper to protect stones and other embellishments.
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    I like tissue paper stuffing best, but I admit I have some stuffed with bubble wrap too. Mga is correct and I probably could do a better job, but don't have the space to stuff all my bags fully. I too need more closet space and display area. . .If I had my druthers, they would all be carefully stuffed and in their dustbags in my custom closet with special shelving with a special display area on glass shelves like at the V boutiques that I would rotate my beauties through. You know, something like Kimora Lee Simmons closet on Closet Confessions on bluefly :graucho:

    However, the dream closet must stay in my head for now. . .
  6. lol....if only we could have each have a dream closet like kimora ;), until then our dream bags will have to suffice..sigh