How do you store your juicy charms/jewelry?

  1. heam, those look AMAZING!

    I know a few of you have these but I wanted to say I've found this case from Store Supply to be a pretty decent piece while I wait to do something more permanent with my collection.
  2. Love that dispaly case madiesmom, I am a person that constantly keeps changing my charm storage, I guess untill I find what I really need. Beautiful collection too :smile:)

  3. Nice charms! I like these trays because they area nice size, have the glass top, and one can use various sized trays inside, depending on one's needs.
  4. Pretty much one of the most amazing things I've seen! Incredible job! :smile: :biggrin:

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    Excuse me while I recover. *Deep breaths*
    What a HUGE collection, congratulations! And such a great storage solution as well :smile: May I ask, that gold heart charm catcher, is it Juicy Couture or another brand? And if it is Juicy, would you mind telling me the sku/style number? Also is there a silver one?

    As a person who is obsessed with craft & everything creative, I sincerely take my hat off to you. That is so incredible and beautiful that I actually stopped breathing for a few seconds when I saw it :biggrin:

    WOW. Talk about interior design, those look like art pieces! I love the way you've put the charms on diagonals instead of straight horizontal lines (if that makes sense). Very nice indeed :smile:

    This thread has really inspired me - and made me even more ashamed that as yet I don't have any Juicy charms at all :shame:
  6. I just spent the weekend rebuilding my cases with "hidden" hooks and a new fabric background.
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  7. It looks really good!
  8. Thank You!!!!!!!!
  9. Awesome! You have sooo many rare and sought after charms :smile:... one day...
  10. Ellief, I am in love with your display, your collection is so amazing.
  11. Bump! :smile:
  12. Got another one done. These are taking forever to build and then sorting charms. Sorry for the reflections in the glass!

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  13. Yeah, I almost did that as well not too long ago with purchasing the same charm I already had in my collection. At that point, I decided to keep a running list of the charms I have and the charms I want. It really helps for me to physically see what I have and the total number. I also have my charms grouped by the year they were issued and in alphabetical order. It makes a huge difference! :biggrin:
  14. I just saw your collection. Wow - it's stunning! I love you're collection and fairy tale-like charm display. Thanks for sharing! :love:

    ps; Thanks everyone for sharing all of your collections. You've inspired me to organize my various charms....
  15. Wow! The shadowbox idea is cool!
    I have an antique apothecary chest that I've been using as a jewelry chest for years. A while back I switched it all around and gave the juicy charms their own drawer.
    Just took pictures of, to find out how to insert images here!