How do you store your juicy charms/jewelry?

  1. I thought this would be fun to see how everyone stores their jewelry, charms, and boxes.

    I don't have much now but I see it becoming a problem later hahah.

    I currently have my necklaces, earrings, and rings in my jewelry box and the boxes are set up on my dresser with perfume on top of them.

    Do you all keep your juicy things in their boxes or?

    I wish I had a more creative way to store stuff! I love the little boxes so much. :smile:
  2. I have ordered this from Nordies to store my charms! The boxes, although cute, are cumbersome and a waste of space if you plan on keeping your charms for good. :yes:
  3. I'll play!! I just recently started collecting this past year. I purchased a jewelry organizer that I store my charms along w/ other costume jewelry in. I love it!!! Here are some pics:



  4. Awesome!! Where did you get that!!
  5. Man, mine are everywhere... I have the scary leaning tower... still... piled up on my dresser. But, I did pick up a Pink Mannequin Dress Form Jewelry Stand over the summer at T.J. Maxx and used it for a while, until my daughter stole it, she now uses it for her charms...

    I am totally thinking of ordering a system like Coach's... it would make like so much easier! :p
  6. I keep most of them in their boxes in one of 2 shelved cupboards, there are a few in a small wooden box I painted and then the rest are here:


  7. I store mine in the same jewelry chest that FYI & Coach suggested a while back.

    Here's some photos, including all the trays & charms that can fit in it.

    The chest

    charm chest-1.jpg

    Trays with charms

    charm tray2.jpg

    charm tray3.jpg

    Also for those looking for a more economical charm box, this set up is available from the same supplier. The top is glass.

    Charm tray9.jpg
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    Someone asked me where I got the jewelry chest.

    Here's the site. It's Store Supply Warehouse, and the chest comes with the 10 drawers, but the trays need to be ordered separately depending on what trays one needs. The chest is #55397 under jewelry organizers. The 32 compartment trays are # 55155 (takes ten).
  9. wow I am loving the storage units.
  10. I keep mine in all of its original packing and boxes on my dresser until they began to take up too much room. I like the chest idea above but simply cannot bear the thought of mixing of the charms with the wrong boxes or having to find a place for the boxes apart from the charms.

    I always was afraid of using the chest idea because if someone broke in they would have my whole collection.

    I did find, however, that I needed them where I could get to them. I almost repurchased a charm I already had! What an addiction! :happydance:
  11. Mine are on a hanging display on my wall that is kind of similar to the dress form that LV has shown above, but it holds less charms. I have a smaller collection than most (30 charms), so it has worked so far, but it's at capacity!
  12. I have them neatly stored but all over the place. Some are in a display cabinet open in their boxes, others are apart from their boxes in a nice decorative box and the rest are hanging on a dress form like LV has. Some of my really fragile ones like the gum drop I just keep in it's original boxes on top of my dresser along side of the decorative box that holds my loose ones.They are all in my bedroom.
  13. I saw that! I want to order one so bad! Unfortuantly I only have 5 charms so far so they are just stored on the bracelet in the box.
  14. I keep mine in the boxes (opened) and keep the boxes in a closed glass display shelf. So i can look at them and they wont have dust on them!
  15. I keep mine in their original boxes in a drawer. Some that are currently on a juicy necklace or bracelet are in the box that the bracelet or necklace came in. The empty boxes resulting from this go in a bottom drawer, but they are individually labeled on their bar codes by me if they didn't come that way already. I keep all the baggies, cardboard and foam that they originally came with. Yes, I am insane, lol.