How do you store/organize your lingerie?

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  1. So my lingerie collection has grown tremendously ever since I became obsessed with VS lingerie :shame: But now my drawer is bulging with it and I dont like that. All my nice nighties are all cramped up in there. Any advice ladies? Do you organize your lingerie any special way?
  2. I keep my bras laid out in my dresser drawer so that the cups aren't squished or folded into each other. My sexier lingerie, like my negligees/ teddys are on hangers in the closet.
  3. I agree with the suggestion to lay bras in a drawer without folding them, you don't want the cups flattened. I fold all my undies and organize by type, I have a stack of thongs, workout undies, etc. If you have nice silk nighties I would hang them so they are fresh & unwrinkled. Plus you'll be able to see what you have better since there isn't a pile in a drawer. I find that I hang most of my clothing (except sweaters) because it is easier for me to see everything hanging in a closet.
  4. uh, mine are all stuffed into several drawers :shame: (totally agree with the VS addiction thing) so I'm of little to no help. sorry.
  5. I also keep mine stuffed into drawers..
    The bras that i really like have a drawer to themself with plenty of room though, I do not like it when they are all squished:P
  6. In my dresser drawer, I stack my undies on one side and I line up my bras in a storage box (the square one below, from Ikea)
  7. I have a pretty limited collection but I only started this year (yes, 2009 is the year of gorgeous underwear)

    So I'm just keeping matching bras and panties laid out in my top drawer where I can see them. Not sure what I'll do when the collection builds and space issues arise...:s
  8. I keep mine in a chest that sits at the foot of the bed. I got the idea from an episode of Friends (when Chandler and Monica are supposed to make the Valentine's gifts and he was going to make crotchless panties). I really like the large space and that everything is together, but there is no way to keep them organized nicely, so it is hard when you are looking for a set. It is probably not the best way to store everything.
  9. I keep my bras together, with the cups of one sort of placed inside the cups of the next bra, and so on. My panties are just laid flat, or when I'm lazy, thrown into the drawer.
  10. i have bras in one drawer, panties in another, all sexier stuff is hung up
  11. all jammed into drawers..I have soooo many bras and I wish there was some sort of organizer that would hang or organize them all!

    I actually have these boxes that I put bras i dont wear too the end its just a big ball of bras
  12. Unfortunately, mine are all jammed in a drawer. I don't have much space to lay them out properly.

    I just heard on Tim Gunn's Guide to Style (I love that show!) that you shouldn't fold the cups into each other because that can cause creases in the cups which would then be visible when you wear them....and nobody wants that.

    Most of my bras are old now, maybe this is a good excuse to buy new ones and treat them right this time! :P
  13. Yes! I use those off white boxes from Ikea too. They are so versatile. The long one is perfect for bras. That set is a great price. Its called Komplement.
  14. Mine is all jammed into drawers too :shame: