How do you stay on your ban?

  1. So I've recently started a self-imposed ban until I pay off my student debt (about $10 grand Canadian) which means I can't buy any more bags. In the last two weeks I went on a splurge buying Chanel and LV because I graduated from university and I'm working full time making a bit of money. But my mom is starting to pester me about making my payments, and although I don't have to pay anything until November, interest is growing and I want to pay it back as soon as possible. However since 10 grand is a lot, I'm sure it will take me at least a year or two to pay it all off, and I don't think I can go for that long without buying a new bag. I'm such an impulsive shopper and when I want something, I always get it if I can afford it. So being on a ban will be really hard.

    My question for those who are on bans, how do you not give in to temptation?
  2. LOL I went of a purse ban of sorts b/c I ran out of room in my closet. I am such an organization-freak that I can't *stand* to have stuff not perfectly in place!

    Same thing with shoes...I ran out of room on my shoe racks so I am on a ban until I get my own house with SO next year and have a bigger closet! :smile:
  3. Right now it's easy cuz I am unemployed!!
  4. I have been on a ban now for like 3-4 months and have not bought myself a single purse at all. At the beginning of this year I ended up buying myself 6 Balenciaga bags. Talk about a handbag hangover! :tispy: It is very hard but I am just trying my best to avoid putting myself in the spot for temptation. If I am at the mall or in a department store I have been skipping the handbag department “to look,” because the “looking” was the thing that was killing me. I’d look and see something I just had to have. I also don’t really even browse the purse designer forums anymore and just stick to the playground forums. Also I am getting married soon so that has really helped out the ban too because I know all my extra money will be going towards the wedding/honeymoon in Kauai. Plus it has been really nice to just enjoy my handbags now instead of instantly wanting a new one after a purchase.

    Also selling one of your handbags and then using the money for it towards a new handbag is a great way to get a new bag without spending any of your money. That is if you can part with one of your babies. ;)
  5. I need to be on a ban. I got 2 LV's last week. After every bag I tell myself okay I have enough. Then I find something else I "have" to have. I am going to try to make it to Christmas without buying any more bags.
  6. That's a really good idea. Since I have mostly "moved on" to Chanel and LV, there are a few Coach bags which I could sell...but it's hard to part with my first designer bags hehe. I guess I just have to enjoy what I have and not go into any boutiques to "browse."
  7. Well for me I usually decide how many bags im going to buy that season and that is that. I dont impulse buy bags, I weigh my options and then I go for it. I am then on a ban, but because Ive bought the bags I really loved for the season I dont feel the urge to buy another. I only break the ban if I have to buy a bag for an event or something like that and I really need it. This has worked for me for the past 5 or so years.
  8. Being a ban for me is easy! I just took out a $30,000 loan for school and I only work part time. (to pay for my car payment and gas) So I don't have any extra money to spend. :crybaby: When I do go shopping with my mom or friends, I just have to ask myself, "Do I really need this?" And usually the answer is no. So I don't buy anything or if it's something really small or I have to have it, I ask my bf to get it for me. :graucho:
  9. My best suggestion would be to sell and then re-buy! I'm not really on a ban but started selling off my current collection and man I'm having fun!!! It's kind of fun selling and then stalking on eBay and stuff for new is accumulating in the's great! And hubby is happy because I'm spending more money...just spending money that was already spent!!!
    Although I keep telling hm the bank account now owes me some money LOL
  10. I've been on a ban since the May until Septmeber until I get some of my bills paid up. You just have to be really dilligent. I never use credit cards to buy my's just works better for me.

  11. I have been hanging out on the Bag~Ban~Buddy~Club thread in the Money section. The women there have good ideas about how to stay on a ban, and why you should.
  12. I dont ban myself per se.
    But it takes a lot for me to part with my money and I think about any non essential purchase quite frequently.
    I have told myself not to buy trend bags but longevity bags.
    So if you have to break yourself from your self imposed ban please do it with a non trend bag.
    Chanel does not count since it is a timeless brand.
  13. Thanks everyone for their suggestions. I guess I just really have to tell myself that paying off my student loan it the most important payment right now and when that's done, I can go bag crazy hehe. And no more using the credit card either. I don't really need anymore bags, I have a great collection so I'm just going to enjoy what I have.:yes:
  14. i buy smaller accessories every now and then.. and yes, I know 2-3 accessories can equal a bag but at least I'm not buying a bag every 2-3 weeks.
  15. I failed mine last night..I was going to wait until September for the LV new collection, but last night i broke down and bought another bag and a boret.....:p
    Chanel 255 and Hat.jpg